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How long has it taken you to musically get where you are today?

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In terms of technique it took about 5 years. But it took 10 years to shape the sound I wanted into something that is not in demand anymore. Now that I'm starting from square one, thanks to the dominance of southern hip-hop over DJ Premier's sound, it only took 4 months to get some good chiptune-ish sounds out.

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It took about.. let's see..

- 3 years of physical and mental training in the Chaolin temple of Xin Xua.

- 4 years of running up and down a 100000 step long stairway.

- 2 years of jump-kicking balloons.

- 1 year of constantly smashing my head against a wall to find out... I've been doing the wrong things.

So I just practiced a few hours a day for a month and that's all you need to do to play guitar. lol :-D

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Well I played the piano on and off as a kid (took lessons here and there, gave up, took lessons again, etc). Eventually I started composing/producing (on my computer) around 2005 or 2004. Which means I've been making music for around 6 years. I think most of my growth actually happened within this past year or two. I started making music with a friend which helped us show eachother our faults and how to improve on them. I feel like my music has just been getting exponentially better and I totally owe it all to practice and just keep going at it. Having people help you out and point out what you can improve on is also a GREAT help. I also find that going out there, watching tutorials, and just going on a basic quest for random music/production knowledge really helps.

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