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Dragon Warrior 2/Dragon Quest 2

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I really love the Dragon Warrior games and I've noticed that no one has remixed the overworld theme from Dragon Warrior 2. It's track 5 on the file located here: http://www.zophar.net/music/nsf/dragon-quest-2.html

Something orchestral would be cool but any ideas that anyone has would be great.


I'd love it if someone could also take a stab at the ending theme to the original NES version of Mega Man. It's track 16 on the file located here:


Something rock/syntho would be the obvious choice but again I think that people are more creative when left up to their own devices. I know that I've been blown away by some of the remixes here that have gone in directions that I'd never think of.

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Awesome. Thanks for the "Experiences" tune and thank you for the link to the "Children of Erdrick" thread. I hope something comes of that.

Has any other DW2 music been posted anywhere?

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Hey, Sadorf, have you gotten around to finishing your mix yet? 


I added some old stuff into my playlist and came across Distant Journey Sketch 3, Rewrite, and In The Distance Demo 6. I was hoping I would come across a final version. 


I need some DQ2 Lonely Youth! 

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you found this 11 year old thread for this? haha. 

i had one after that one but i dont have it anymore. hearing the nsf now it could be fun to try something. i havent done really anything in years but since its you mae, maybe, just maybe ill try and put something together. i might ask nuts for help as well. also hi mae!

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