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  1. Are you running Windows? When you installed some of your VST's, they wrote to the Windows registry. Moving them now may corrupt those installations and you will likely find your self without those VST's unless you re-install. It will be best that you uninstall, re-install, for best results. However, you're not going to save much space except for any that included sound libraries that can be installed to the external disk. .dll's and .fxb's, etc take up little room, so you will do a lot of work for basically no gain.
  2. I was trying to do this one week ago and i could not find where to do it. You guys have some video to share? Thanks!
  3. Oh sweet child, Nice collections of metal songs, really.
  4. Yeah, I actually tried Ferrite, but the lack of beat/measure snapping was a turn-off... Especially considering the rather high (by app standards) price of the full version...
  5. I know this game, I''m following this thread for some ideas!
  6. really cool, i like it too
  7. Thanks, really appreciate your suggestions
  8. Looking for an app that is a quick and easy way to edit and do basic arrangements of audio files. Garage Band almost works, but the limit on the file size/length is too short. I need to be able to edit/arrange multiple-hour-long clips... It's the quantized/snapped piece that is proving difficult for me to find... Any suggestion would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I'm actually interested to see how this goes. With a title of First Soldier I was kinda expecting a prequel game where you play as Sephiroth and learn more about his story. Wasn’t expecting this at all lol
  10. This is actually something I've been practicing for the last couple months so I'm glad to see someone made a video on it. 😃
  11. Great track, would love to see more of this, though I'm unfamiliar with the game. 🤭
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