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  1. It's totally fine, I too can't wait to play W3 in PS5 and see how good will be the game graphic wise. :)
  2. I literally just talked about zombies ate my neighbors and talked to a co worker about how they should make a sequel or something close. I'm so damn pumped for this!
  3. I think for me the way the story unfolded was the thing I loved most about W3. I'm a open world fan through and through but with games like the elder scrolls and fallout franchise I enjoyed playing them for the freedom but didn't find the story to engaging. Where as W3 had me hook line and sinker. Felt like I was watching a Netflix series or reading a great book where I just had to play for 10min longer because I wanted to see what would happen. And character wise I feel it's the only game where I felt connected. Finding Ciri was actually a happy moment, not just a mission to be finished, like
  4. Horizon: Forbidden West is easily on one of my top 3 games to buy as well. I can't wait... argh!
  5. Hey guys! Just wanna know which of the games coming on 2021 you are most excited to get and play?? I'll start and am proud to say that I can't wait getting my hands on Resident Evil Village! Been a fan of Resident Evil since I was a kid so I'm just happy that up to this day, this game is on-going and getting stronger!
  6. Watching Netflix, Anime's, playing FFXIV... Oh and yeah, I still have work, so I can only do those I've mentioned during free time or weekends hehe
  7. I think, it's your ears that you need to check. My hearing weaken from continuous use of headset and listening to music in almost max volume. I'm sure your situation is the same. No matter the headset you are using, its your ears that ain't adapting.
  8. Some of the hits are my favorite such as "Marin's Mambo", "Hypersonic", "The Loneliest Bounty Hunter in the Universe". Thanks for posting this!
  9. They seem to be difficult to follow, but yet they sound cool and chillin.
  10. The superhero vibe is always exciting, and I am feeling that right now.
  11. hey Lucky, thanks for sharing your playlist very much appreciated.
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