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Quagmire, a crapbag of genres

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A mixture of many different genres with vocals. Here goes.


The lyrics:

The game is on, we've got a crappy team

We're gonna get our asses kicked unlike we've ever seen

We've lost a lot of games, it's very hard to comprehend

I wonder if our losing streak will ever ever end

When it comes to this sport, we say we are the kings

But anytime there's a major game we're always losing

I won't live long enough to see them win and tell the tale

Let's face it we are nothing but an epic fail

We are not gonna win anything

We are not gonna win anything

We are not gonna win anything

Our team sucks, we ain't winning anything

We lose again, so what do we do

We go all apeshit like we live in a zoo

In our drunken rampage we go beat people up

And continue until the police tells us to stop

Why do we act like this, one might ask

Answering that question is a difficult task

Centuries of inbreeding has affected our brain

Maybe it would be better if we all were slain

Lemme hear ya

That's right

Oh yeah

One more time

First of all, sorry about the singing :D I hope it's not totally terrible, I'm really not a clean vocals guy, although the singing in this particular song would be more like rapping, I think. This song is still a wip (I started doing it two days ago), so please, leave comments if you feel like something's not right in the mix. Also, if there's some errors in the lyrics grammatically, let me know, okay? Rock on.

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jabond23: For composing, equalizing, writing notes, drawing red blocks, etc. I used Reason 3. For the snare and toms I used Kenardency drum refill, otherwise it's Reason's own sounds. Also the slap bass, horns, and marimba are Reason's own sounds. I did not play those myself, I used the mouse and keyboard -method.

For the guitar I used Guitar Rig 3 and the Heavy Sonic -preset (IIRC). Dual track rhythm guitar (about 85% left and right), and a little less gain compared to lead guitar. I played those myself. Lead has a little bit of reverb (and delay) added afterwards.

Vocals were recorded with a shitty mic (not kidding) in Adobe Audition, and some eq and reverb was added later. The chorus includes seven to eight "me's" singing the same thing, although I changed the pitch in a couple of the tracks later. They are also randomly panned (ranging from about -50% to 50%).

What else...can't think of anything. I guess that was about it :P

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The model is a bit hard to explain, so here's a picture of it.

You may laugh if you want to.


About the chorus sounding like the Fievel vid; I can hear some resemblance, but that's totally coincidental, as I've not seen that film ever. The melody of the chorus is, however, something that I imagined might have been done before.

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Awesome mic! Yes I did laugh. :-)

Btw I failed to compliment the lyrics, which I imagine is the focus. Are you trying to make a counterpart to "We Are the Champions"? I'd use it :-) .


"police tells us to stop" should be "police tell us to stop" since police is plural.


HAhahaha where did these lyrics come from xD They're ridic!

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