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New WIP - Faded Collectings


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This is a song I started a while back, kind of forgot about, and am wanting to dig back out. I have a pretty good idea of where I'm going on this but then after the 1:45 mark I'm not so sure.

For the sake of ending it I half-tempo'd it and faded it out, but I don't really intend on halving the tempo, it's basically at that part where I'm not really sure where I'm headed.

Just wanted to get some other people to take a listen and let me know what they think, so please do! :D


Thanks in advance

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Nice, its very good so far. I think that after the 1:43 mark, like you were mentioning, maybe you could add a kinda a breakdown. And for the breakdown it could have maybe a little louder beat, with louder being some crash cymbals maybe? Then add some nice synth strings playing the chorus melody.

I would suggest some choir vox, but i'm not sure how well that fit in with your songs theme. As you know, i'm more of a metal/rock guy. But i did write a few electronic/techno kinda songs when i didn't feel like playing guitar.




And believe me, i'm not saying i'm good at writing this kinda music. Not at all, but once in a while i come up with a good concept. Also, i know the mixing might be a little off on those 2 songs, if you decide to listen to them. I did them a while a go and got them to a reasonable mixing level and just kinda let them be. :)

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I use choir vox in a lot of my songs actually so it wouldn't be that far fetched for me to put it in this one too =P

I think I might try to avoid it simply because I do use choir quite a bit.

but yeah, pretty much at the 1:43 mark is where it just dies down currently cause I'm not entirely sure where to take it.

Let me know if you ever want to do some collabs man. When I first moved out to Seattle I was a complete metalhead and I've kind of deviated away from it once I started learning MIDI and really enjoying it and composing music as of a couple years ago.

I used to just sit at home jamming on my Dean ML and peavy half stack but I haven't done that in quite a while.

Maybe a electronic-metal duo is in order? =D

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Hey dude,

First off, thanks for replying to my post! Ok, first off, impressive mix! One thing though that I'm not particularly digging is how the snare is sitting in the mix. Sounds like it's too dark and needs a little sparkle. I think also midway when you did that drum roll you could have added another high resonance drum loop to accent the change up. I also think you can make some of the hooks longer (the sections before the vocal comes in).

Overall, it's not my type of music, but I really really enjoyed it! Well done!

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"I also think you can make some of the hooks longer (the sections before the vocal comes in)."

Yeah, I'm kind of an 8 bar whore. I honestly don't know how I'd lengthen that section before the vocals because it doesn't really seem like a hook as much as it is a lull after the first "chorus" or whatever to then build up for the vocals to enter.

As for the snare, yeah, it's a weird snare....it's almost like a clap and snare mixed together or some shit lol. I think the drums just may be a tad bit low in volume in the first place, perhaps raising them a tad would allow that snare to come through better which at times seems like it was hurting my ear. Focusing on it more now though I can totally tell where you're coming from.

Also, after listening after that drum roll, I agree that it could probably benefit from adding some other....something in there with some more "oomph" to back up that current little bit.

Thanks for the suggestions/comment man!

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