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Heart pumping Electronic beats!


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This is probably one of my favorite songs of mine. It is a completed song, but I still would like to get peoples input on it and what they think.

Also, for some weird reason, I have this whole action sequence in my head that I could see happening in a movie with this song behind it, but that's just my own little thing in my head =P

I'm just trying to expose my music to others like most of the people are here to do.

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think!


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Nice opening with the "electronica" instruments (whatever they're called). It speeds up and gets moving at a very good pace, bringing in "more of the song" in just the right amount for me. I like how it flows the rest of the way.

And you're right, I could see this in an action movie in the right situation, with perhaps a bit of stealth and a lot of camera cuts between two parties.

All in all, good track! :-)

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Maybe it's just me but I kinda got lost on some parts. I couldn't tell what was the lead instrument because there was so much stuff goin on. The beat is crazy ass eff though I was definitely diggin that lol. Anyways this was pretty good; drums were kick ass the synths were good but I thought there were too many in some spots so I couldn't follow along. How did you get I-I-I as a name, just curious lol?

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How did you get I-I-I as a name, just curious lol?

because of the way I make the vocoded part stutter. The full thing says "I Wonder" but I made it so it respectively pans right, left, then center and does "I, I, I, Wonder" =P

As I said in another thread, my naming schemes suuuuuuck. I usually just throw on some random title, they almost never actually mean anything to me.

Also, I can totally understand how it'll seem to busy to some people, hell maybe a lot of people, however, on this particular one (of course since I made it), I can follow along right with it and I just totally like this one =D

Thanks for the comment and the listen!

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