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  1. Here are some Android programs I use frequently, plus some of my favorite games. (Sorry if I duplicate some suggestions!) Apps: Battery Widget Reborn (beta) (free, has a paid stable version). I like having the perma-notification, which I have set to show "empty at $TIME". Google Chrome (free). Hey, it's a solid browser. Also recommended: ALL the Google apps, particularly Quickoffice. Firefox (free). A little slow on older hardware, compared to Chrome, but still solid. Fing (free). A neat set of networking tools. I fire this up a lot at home when I want to ssh into something, and can't rem
  2. I've also been listening to this one since some of its earlier WIP days, and it's awesome to finally hear your finished version. Wonderful track - I have a tendency to listen to it ten times in a row when it pops up in my playlist!
  3. EFFING. AWESOME. Not much else to add. The mid-point conjures up so many images and memories that I cried tears of joy.
  4. I just wanted to say that THAT is how one does a Phoenix Wright-style post. You've made my day, Jack. (slinks back into the corner to allow continued discussion - should there be any left)
  5. This remix just screams adventure. I love how it starts off slow, menacing even; and the transition segues well into the main dungeon theme. Brings back memories of my first run through PMD, as a Mudkip (Moltres owned me anyway for a few tries).
  6. Holy crap, I love this. It brings back memories and adds a wonderful layer of "newness". I'm all for seeing a submission.
  7. It's interesting, to be sure, an I like the Celtic instrumentation, very nice .... The only thing I can really grip about is that .... drum pad, I guess you would call it? .... that crescendos at about 45 seconds in. It gets MUCH too loud, in my opinion. Other than that, seems like a solid mix to me.
  8. I sampled a few of the tracks, and I gotta say that I'm lovin' this music. Fantastic job. Had I the money, I'd donate you a pretty good sum.
  9. My votes are as follows. Phoenix Wright Zidane Red (from Pokémon)
  10. I like the singing, but some of the instrumentation (particularly the electric guitar) sounds a little raw. Good work so far, though.
  11. These are awesome. That is all.
  12. Holy cow, this is awesome. I can definitely see myself fighting a boss to this theme, especially in an action-RPG.
  13. Finally someone decides to try their hand at the SNES MMPR soundtrack! And this is, without a doubt, the best way to kick off this game's introduction to OCR! Spectacular mix!
  14. I have no idea what the intro source is, but it sounds nice and very final-dungeony (Ganondorf's Castle, anyone? ). I can almost picture Ganondorf playing this as Mario plows through Bowser's Castle, both villains sitting in wait for the plumber's arrival. Much of the mix works quite well, but the ending is a bit abrupt. Fix that, and this track'll be a winner to my ears.
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