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C.T. Steelrunner here,

I'm a fresh musician, play guitar, piano, etc.

Now, I wanna start a recording studio so I can start writing remixes and my own music.

I'm just wondering what you veteran musician's use to record/write your music.

Especially software, and equipment.

Any help would be apprectiated so I can begin my music journey

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We appreciate your enthusiasm and your view of us as veteran musicians, but we can help you a lot better if you research it a little on your own, and then come to us with a more structured question.

Some of the more common Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)are:


FL Studio (PC Only)



Logic (Mac Only)

Try out the demos and try to find one that suits your workstyle.

A good DAW can often be all that you need to get started as far as software goes.

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It's going to depend on whether you'll be recording live instruments or using softsynths or a combination of both , and what you're budget is. Everyone is different and you need to do alot of research for yourself first , but it's always a good idea to start with an audio interface that can playback and record 24bit-96000hz with good ASIO driver support , then a USB/MIDI keyboard to control softsynths , plus a DAW to record to and play the softsynths from ( the most affordable and easy to use DAWs right now are FL Studio and Reaper I think). Try them out to find one you're most comfortable with.

I play piano and guitar as well so for software I can't live without Synthogy's Ivory and Native Instrument's Guitar Rig. These are awesome programs and aren't too expensive , and if you want realistic drums you can't go wrong with BFD or EZDrummer (these might break your budget though , depending on what you're budget actually is). If you want everything free , a good piano would be 4Front Piano VST , and there's some interesting freeware amp\cabinet models around the net.

check here


you can search for any free VST that exists (almost)

the rest is google and playing around with what you can find , and read the other threads here at OCR , they are for your convenience ;)

Good luck!

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