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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer - "Voices" (feedback)

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I'd like to request feedback on this piano arrangement for a dubious amount of hands:


Containing these two themes:

The arrangement is basically a narrative of the cause of one of Safiya's "voices" episodes, if you're familiar with the game. The title is actually something of a spoiler (the full title), so I may have to change it, if this piece goes anywhere.

Thanks (even if it's just something like, "That was the worst thing I've ever heard in my life, go die ASAP." Although I would be quite hurt.)

-filaminstrel (changed my OCRemix SN to benevolensaurus one time and I think I'm stuck that way now)

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Interesting. Not gonna look up the source, too lazy to do that, but i can point out some technical production problems here.

First of all, this sounds really dry and exposed. A bit of reverb would be great to give the piano a bit of space.

The biggest problem with this is that there's not much performance in it, everything is pretty mechanical. If you could make this sound like a performance, it could be great (if it's interpreted enough). That means first and foremost velocities, then subtle timing things and a dynamic tempo.

I think the arrangement has potential. It's pretty expressive on its own, dunno how much of that is thanks to you and how much is in the source, but it's got potential. Just make it more emotive, expressive, performed... human. (and add some reverb)

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Hey, thanks for the reply! I tried to implement your suggestions. I've had FL for a very long time, but I don't really practice using it unless I feel the urge to make something, which isn't all too often, so... bear with me, haha. Anyways:


-Added reverb (too much?).

-Tried to make the velocities more dynamic.

-more changes in overall volume/tempo.

-For some reason something I did added some really nasty resonance to that long trill in the middle... not sure how that happened. I think I got rid of it though.

I think there's another problem I may have introduced in the process... not sure about it though.

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