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  1. It's the composer for Valdis Story! Distinctive string work. Cool to see him join the ocremix community with this submission. This is a great take on Cid's theme.
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply! I tried to implement your suggestions. I've had FL for a very long time, but I don't really practice using it unless I feel the urge to make something, which isn't all too often, so... bear with me, haha. Anyways: http://filaminstrel.googlepages.com/voices2.mp3 -Added reverb (too much?). -Tried to make the velocities more dynamic. -more changes in overall volume/tempo. -For some reason something I did added some really nasty resonance to that long trill in the middle... not sure how that happened. I think I got rid of it though. I think there's another problem
  3. Hi, I'd like to request feedback on this piano arrangement for a dubious amount of hands: http://filaminstrel.googlepages.com/voices.mp3 Containing these two themes: The arrangement is basically a narrative of the cause of one of Safiya's "voices" episodes, if you're familiar with the game. The title is actually something of a spoiler (the full title), so I may have to change it, if this piece goes anywhere. Thanks (even if it's just something like, "That was the worst thing I've ever heard in my life, go die ASAP." Although I would be quite hurt.) -filaminstrel (changed my OCRem
  4. Hey, thanks for the advice! That's very helpful! I tried to follow it as best I could.. [[removed]] Edit notes: @bad tremolo string sample: I tried doing that 'layering' thing you mentioned, but I don't know if I did it right (I don't know if it sounds okay now).. I couldn't figure out how to get crossfading to cross more than two samples at once, either, if that's possible. @grating synth: when I read that, I was guessing you were referring to that thing I noticed in iTunes where when the 'lead' synth comes in, one of the bars shoots up and stays up. So I tried to change the synth to dampe
  5. Hey guys. Been a while since I posted. ..A long while. I.. had one other WIP, a while ago. Didn't do too well on that. So, this is my second attempt. So, definitely, I.. could use.. some.. .. advice. Yes. Advice. Please? original: Majora's Mask-- Calling the Four Giants [[removed]] mine: [[removed]] Thank you very much for listening. And please advise, oh yes. Unless the song just sucks, and that's all you can think of because it's just that bad, in which case.. I'm very sorry.
  6. I likes me a large... although the first one I got was kind of shoddy. The bottom was haphazardly cut as if with a pair of scissors. Not very cool. I should hope for better quality if I decide to get another.
  7. I found this a while ago... Should have commented on it then. I really like it. Especially the part at 1:04. I extend my recommendations to this piece. Quite nice.
  8. Same. Some notes, though (SPOILERS): The nurses' "Thriller" shuffle, haha. Seriously, though, it looked too natural. Like people trying to be monsters, instead of actual monsters. They should have been less fluid, more jerky. Pyramid Head was pretty awesome. That makes me want to play Silent Hill for real. I thought his inclusion was appropriate enough. If he was being controlled by Dahlia, and she's the mother of Alessa, it makes sense that Dahlia would want revenge as well. Although it doesn't make sense why it attacks Rose and Cybil, then. How do we know it's controlled by Dahlia, though
  9. Hm. I generally avoid confrontation, but I just can't say I liked this one. I don't know, it's okay. To me though, it just sounded... forced. It seems like you guys were trying too hard to be funny and original and stuff. Made it feel kind of mechanical and awkward, for me. It's not that I don't like rap or anything, I just can't get into this one.
  10. Ordered one of these last Saturday. Should be showing up any time now. Yay OCR!
  11. Hm. When could I expect to get one if I ordered it, say, today? Edit: Maybe I should have just checked around the site first, huh... Well, even so, has the shipping process been good for those of you who have already gotten one?
  12. This is very nice, very ethereal, very... floating. As DJP mentioned in the write-up, those subtle high-end electric synth FX are quite bea-utiful, and really make this mix something special. Seriously, a little addition like that can add so much to a piece like this, and the people who made the piece knew full well how to take advantage of that. Like others, I too feel the drum to be a little out of place, but that's not enough to ruin the piece as a whole. So yeah, like I said, very nice overall.
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