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Tetris Attack Forest Stage Bass / Guitar mix


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Alright, here's the beginning of a WIP on the Forest stage from Tetris Attack. I just started it today so it's short, but feedback can always help. The second part of the song is still way under progress, I really only have the bass recorded for that part, but production advice / etc on the whole thing would be awesome. Thanks for listening!



Another update! I completely re-did the mixing, it's much much nicer now. I also re-recorded the sloppy parts and generally made it much more pleasent to listen to.


3 - http://tindeck.com/listen/xznc

2 - http://tindeck.com/listen/nhan

1 - http://tindeck.com/listen/ffci

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Hihats sound completely out of control, sometimes they're loud enough, sometimes not. Guitar could use some reverb/delay stuff to give it a less dry sound, just don't give them too much. You might also want to add some backing harmonies, be that a synth pad, piano, or whatever.

This has something of a live feel, probably because it's not all in synch. The drums keep some of the parts together when they play... which isn't always. The bass sounded especially flimsy around 2:00, a lot of fingering noise.

And of course, nothing wrong making the whole thing tighter by re-recording parts.

Overall, not bad. Dunno source so can't comment on that. You should take it to #ocrwip, there are a lot of guitar remixers there. You might also want to change the thread name to include "guitar remix" or "rock" or something, it tends to attract guitar remixers like SnappleMan, Tensei-San, and Nekofrog. They could give you much better guitar feedback than I can. :D

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oooohh i love this theme. ive remixed it myself :)

wasnt expecting a rock arrangement here. not bad from the start but it gets pretty muddy at a minute or so into the song, especially the bass. i thought the last 45 seconds or so were pretty solid.

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You know, I really do like this concept, I think it should just sound bigger. Bigger as in, this sounds like it could be very heavy and emotive, but I feel like the sounds are kinda thin and tinny. I almost think this could be a little slower, and kind a more syncopated feel. Really, I think this biggest thing is that it's missing alot of dynamic quality within the separate instruments, making it sound kind of stiff.

I really like the concept, I just dont think it conveys much emotion with it's current presentation.

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