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Any BSG Fans / Remixers?


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Battlestar had the best music I've ever seen on television. I'm not really sure I've heard of anyone in this community remixing TV music on a large scale (besides anime), but I would like to agree completely with this n00b that it would be fantastically worthwhile to listen to some of Bear McCreary's music and consider whether it could be feasibly arranged in OCR's style.


(a cover of all along the watchtower arranged specifically for the show)

McCreary, the composer worked with several leitmotifs throughout the series. Several of his songs were effectively arrangements of what he already did... in a way very similar to the extremely "liberal" tracks on OCR. Again, I highly recommend him.

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Admiral and Commander is great, as you've listed. It's so emotionally tied to the show, and it's such a fitting piece of music; BSG was really damn lucky to have Bear McCreary work with them on it. He did to BSG what Nobuo did to Final Fantasy.

A personal favourite of mine is

. It's as close to "epic" as you'll get in the BSG soundtrack, but it's also unique in its own way. No bombastic generic hollywood here, oh no.
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Gaeta's Lament (S 4)

Something Dark is Coming (S 2)

Passacaglia (S 1)

Storming New Caprica (S 3)

-and of course-

Heed the Call !!!!!!!!!!! (S 3)

All are my favs but hands down I could listen to all seasons top to bottom and like every track ... except Battlestar Muzaktica ... but I understand the need for that track

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