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Dark Electronica - Imagine This (Possible EP)


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This track is totally new in direction as far as my music goes anyway.

It sounds very mysterious, dark, ambient, melancholy, or lets just say interesting.

The driving beats keeps the track moving, changing with every chance it gets, pads are rich in texture their just sort of carrying the sound.

Now that I've told you....Imagine This.

Imagine This! New!

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Oooo dark stuff. My favorite variety :<

However, I think the lead synth doesn't mesh too well with the dark pads and the gungy drums. Get it to sound fatter and scarier. Much scarier. However, the melody for it is fine, so it's just the sample. Otherwise, I'm digging this track 1:50 onward impressed me very much - it's a little reminiscent of Diablo. Very ambient too - which is great.

Good stuff insofar.

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I thought this was really cool. Some things that bugged me though:

That very first part was loud, and you then it went into the buildup and after that it got really quiet and while I thought the kick was a little weak, for the mix it fits in really well, it just caught my attention when it came in after that buildup. Another thing was that I felt like in some parts, the lead melody didn't stand out enough. That's all Imma say though because anything else will be out of my boundaries. I definitely like this though, nice dark vibe.

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Thanks dudes!

I'll definitely consider your comments when I'm working on the track again, yea Alice Glass singing to this? That would be cool.

I'm already planning for someone to get some vocals down for this track once I'm finish mixing it better.

Yea jezon, I think i'll give the drums some more pumping power. Not too much though, just enough.

Thanks again, i'll update soon.

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