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Video, OST, Sounddesign: Resident Evil Outbreak [Intro CG by AktraiZ3r]

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Hello, everyone. My first posting - correct me, if i wrong.

Style: Soundtrack, Symphonic, Drum'n'Bass

Length: 3:40

Links: Youtube -

[with HQ Enabled]

PromoDj - http://aktraiz3r.promodj.ru/videos/738140/Resident_Evil_Outbreak_Intro_CG_AktraiZ3r_Alternative_SoundDesign.html

Info: Alternative music & sounddesign for famous video: Resident Evil: Outbreak [intro CG] for PS2. Original video -


Completely removed sound and music - nothing of original were used in this remake.

Want to hear your comments and advices.


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You posted just before the whole E3 2009 event, chances are it was accidentally bumped off the front page before any one really looked at the post. Also it would have been better if you posted this at the Workshop Section of the forums where they actually do some critiquing of remixes/wips ect.

I also would like to add that it doesn't help that the info on that youtube link is in Russian(?) where as most here predominantly communicate in English; though I'd imagine there are some here who'd be able to read it just fine...

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My Russian friend,

Dude, You've got the right idea up until

, where you took the mood and threw it out the window. Also, I hear very little reference to the original track, the only thing even linking this to your base inspiration being the video. I think that less techno, more reference to the original, and more english translation in the info section would do you some good.
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