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  1. This is nowhere near what I normally listen to, but it's just too catchy to not love. I love the robotic vocals and uptempo dance/rock combo, and I think this mix is great at balancing repetition and changing things up enough. All around, very professional sounding stuff. Thanks!
  2. I love Orchestral! I love groovy metal guitar riffs! I love Hell March! And I sure as hell love this! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  3. As someone who enjoys some soundtracks and classical music, and who's studying it, I gotta say! Great stuff!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful buildup, and the climax was moody and magical. Turn it up guys, this is very atmospheric soundtrack-like material!
  4. How could one shrug this off? Even if you don't like him.. it's friggin' MICHAEL JACKSON! He was the biggest music star of last century, only surpassed by Elvis. RIP Michael! ps always thought you were innocent.
  5. Seems like the game's good, although flawed. Definately up for a playtrough someday! Huge ghostbusters fan here. Poster on my wall and everything! I used to have all the toys.
  6. Shwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! This new Telltale team is actually loads of old LucasArts guys. The same guys that gave us the old MI games. And they've even got Michael Land on board!! Such an awesome composer!!!
  7. Sounds good you french person you! I Cannot place it though... I'll see my friend the soundtrack buff this weekend.. dunno if we'll be able to get some alone time with a computer, but if so and no one's guessed it yet..
  8. Awww... only three? Dang. Well, at least they're three really good ones!!! Nice work guys.
  9. I'm almost afraid of lynch mobs after all these raving reviews, but... I'll take superbuckjazz over this any day. The one thing that bugs me about a lot of jazz it's the messy solo's that are all over the place and aren't melodically pleasing, but tend to sound like one big cacaphony. And this mix has oozes of that.. it gets on my nerves real quickly. Yes, it sounds professional, but I prefer simpler jazz with less wankery.
  10. I'll do my best to nitpick my way though your tune. First let me say, great stuff, nice and relaxing. I love the source tune, and I love your realistic sounds and programming (playing?). Possible 'lethal judge panel' problems: 1 - (still) not enough variation 2 - mix too close to source material - it's probably too 'safe' right now Suggestions: - the first minute isn't that interesting... Try to do something crazy with it... other chords, New 'build up' melody that incorporates a few little things from the gerudo theme... as in.. hint to gerudo, but have a different mood.. then when the theme and it's chords enter it's gonna be really awesome and magical. - later on, introduce a countermelody in a range lower or higher. Perhaps that intro melody i suggested. Or improvised guitar, bass, trombone, marimba or piano playing. - that repetitive hand drum rhytm is nice for a few moments but gets annoying real soon. It really stands out on my speakers because it's so much to the left... make it more stereo and vary it up! Leave it out (completely) in a few parts, and when the song progresses, Go more crazy with the hand drumming (perhaps go a bit 'tribal' for a few moments) Also make more changes in the rhytm! Use some different type of drums with different patterns here and there. - throw in a B-section at some point with completely original material (that still fits the style) - good for both variation and more self-input. Be bold. I hope this helps. Now up and at it!
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