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Sonic 3D Blast - Panic Puppet orchestral (WIP)

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Here we have a WIP of mine, one that will probably not get posted on OCR (for a variety of reasons), but I figured I'd share what I've got so far and get some critique.

This song is an orchestral arrangement of Panic Puppet (act 1) from Sonic 3D Blast (the Genesis version). There's not really a whole lot I want to say about it, except that I almost feel embarrassed to post this as I just listened to some of the University of Maryland's gamer symphony stuff and read about it... but have a listen anyways!

Panic Puppet

Ignore the small recording glitch at 00:16, and the very end is basically a placeholder until I get a transition into the next part of the song (which will be a more lyrical version of the melody, think in the style of the orchestral theme from Sonic Unleashed).

P.S. Sorry it's in .aiff format. Does anybody know of a good free .aiff to .mp3 converter for Mac?

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This is sounding pretty good imo. There's some places that need work, e.g. 0:26 (low strings), 0:40+ (too sharp difference between notes on one brass sample to those of another), 1:18 (same as previous), 1:30 (dynamically stuck on the same energy level, moar life!). I'm not noticing the mechanicalness of the percussion, but it could probably be humanized and given some life too.

I'm not familiar with the source, but it sounds conservative. Not ocr stuff, then, but pretty promising stuff.

As for converting to mp3, iTunes can do it, so can Audacity. You could have asked google. :P

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Ooh, I am enjoying this!

Firstly, it's too quiet, but that's easily fixed. Overall, the samples are decent. The strings and the horns are all great! You may need better-sounding percussion.

The arrangement itself is not bad, but I think it's too close to the original. You may need to throw in some new variations.

Also, try putting the piece through a compressor. It'll make the audio sound more "full."

Overall, great job for a start! Keep us posted! :)

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