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  1. This might sound ignorant of me, but I've never really considered interpolation in a mix until now. While I've noticed the sound difference in the past, I always assumed it boiled down to a quality issue or side effect of the ripped files vs. playing off the soundchip itself. Thanks for your advice on this lazygecko. I'm pretty sure you've helped me out in the past too.
  2. The tracks are definitely brighter with Cubic Interpolation vs Gaussian Interpolation. I keep flipping back and forth between the two settings. It reminds me about the debate of whether scan lines contribute to older games; They technically provide an inferior picture, but the pixel art was often designed with the limitation in mind. While the Cubic Interpolation provides a more clarified sound, I have a feeling some of the blemishes were supposed to be hidden. To go into specifics, I'm using JCOM SPC to isolate the individual channels. I'm trying to get the most authentic sound out of th
  3. When listening to SNES-SPC files, what settings do you prefer? If I'm not mistaken, the original SPC700 soundchip on the SNES was (usually) limited to a sample rate of 32000Hz, and utilized a gaussian interpolation technique. However, most SPC players allow you to select higher sample rates and implement different types of interpolation (None, Linear, Cubic, Gaussian). At higher sample rates, is the SPC file simply being upscaled, or is the data actually preserved? Do you prefer trying to emulate the Super Nintendo's limitations, or prefer the higher sample rates and different (if any) interpo
  4. Public domain if possible. I thought I had a loop of it in Logic, but I can't seem to find it. Here's an example, right at the start:
  5. Waves is having some insane deals right now: http://www.waves.com/content.aspx?id=351&ref=nl Three of their plug-ins that are usually $100 are only $9 at the moment. Anyone have any experience with them?
  6. I love this mix. Planet Wisp is one of my favourite tracks from Sonic Colours. You have good production values, its original, and very catchy. A few things could do with brightening (mainly the piano as stated, but the overall mix might benefit from a little brightening). If you implement those changes, you'll have a stellar track on your hand. Going to play the track again...
  7. I highly recommend uploading your work to something other than YouTube, due to their compression algorithm. Parts I'm criticizing might simply be due to YouTube, and not your mixing. It sounds good so far. As mentioned above, the bass does become a little too obnoxious at times, and the temp does jump a little too much near the end. My other problem with the track is it feels a little empty. I think this is more an issue with the source track. It's very ambient. You might wish to include elements from the other chozo tracks, or even one of the boss themes (like ).Regardless, I'll try and c
  8. This is a very unconventional remix. The SFX bring a nice touch to the overall mix. The synthesizers sound... odd. I think they work for the track, but it does give an eery tone. A good example is the high-pitched pad/noise around 2:30. The guitar and drums sound very MIDI like. I'm not there's much you can do about the guitar - It kind of fits in a way. I think my issue with the percussion is the lack of dynamic range and the snare drum. Unfortunately, percussion is my weakness, so I'm not too sure what to recommend. I suppose my gripe with the track is that there are so many elements that
  9. I really like what's going on here. It gives of a floating vibe, like the original track. After a while, I think the track feels a little bare, dare I say, repetitive. I think if the pad could be slightly changed up it might help things. Alternatively, an additional pad or effects might be able to spice things up. Sorry if my advice isn't very helpful, I'm a little tired at the moment. Perhaps someone else could provide some proper feedback?
  10. I love this track. The atmosphere is really interesting. All the quirky frequencies littered throughout the track just give it an original flair, and works well with the source material. Only criticism is the piano sounds a little bare at times. Just a random idea, but a little bit of a high-pass filter on the piano up to 1:15 might work really well. Otherwise, Amphibious pretty much summed up my suggestions. Great work though. I can totally see this being accepted by OverClocked ReMix right now, especially if you were to fix those minor issues (if you wish to call them that).
  11. I like the style you've got here, it's very groovy. There's a few minor mixing problems around the 2:30 mark. I'm not sure if it's clipping, or taps from one of the instruments. It doesn't sound very pleasant though. Otherwise, I like this piece. It's very upbeat, as the original was too. Good work.
  12. I've recently challenged myself to arrange several different kinds of remixes. I've finished two piano solos, and an electronica chill-out piece (the former of which have been submitted and accepted by the OverClocked ReMix Judging Panel). One particular genre of music I would like to mix is trance (or, to be more specific, something in the style of bLiNd's work). I already have the MIDI framework from working on the track previously ( ).I'm mostly having trouble with the percussion. I don't know what to look for in a kick, snare, clap, hi-hat, etc. I definitely have the software to do it no
  13. I'm interested in other people's opinions on EWQL Pianos. Nearly every other pack has been discussed here.
  14. The mix has a nice atmosphere so far. Kind of like a Mass Effect/Space Mountain feeling to it. You've got quite a bit of panning. It's good for the style you're going for, but I think there are times where it sounds odd. For example, the lead bells being panned left, the bass being panned right... that can work, but you need more layers to fill in the music. The mix is feeling rather hollow overall. As mentioned, the synthesizer pads aren't really filling up the space. The bells are a good texture (especially around the 1:00 mark). I can see the reasoning behind the "MIDI" complaints. Certain
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