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Lyrical hiphop remix (dead and gone T.I)


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Hello I was told to post here, anyways I'm looking for a remix of dead and gone that resembles this


Its for a lyrical jazz dance, and needs to be about 1;40 1:50 in length, and similar in composition to this one,

I'd like to it to be fairly distortion free with emphasis on lyrics (lyrical dance)

Heres the lyrics used in the remix, I'd prefer it if it stayed the same.

Originally I tried downloading the audio and cleaning the noise, but theres too much distortion and low sound quality.

I'd greatly appreciate any help.



I've been traveling

On this road to long

Just trying to find

My way back home

The old me

Is dead and gone

Dead and gone

Verse 1:

I aint never been scared,

I lived through tragedy

Situation coulda been dead

Lookin back at it

Most of that shit

Didn't even have to happen

But u don't think about it

When u out there trappin

In apartments hangin

Smokin and rappin

Niggas start shit didn't

Next thing ya kno we cappin

Get locked up

Then didn't even get mad

Now think about damn

What a life I had

Verse 2:

No more stress, now I'm straight,

Now I get it now I take

Time to think

Before I make mistakes

Just for my familys sake

That part of me left yesterday

The heart of me is strong today

No regrets I'm blessed to say

The old me dead and gone away.

Verse 3:

I turn my head to the east

I don't see nobody by my side

I turn my head to the west

Still nobody in sight

So I turn my head to the north,

Swallow that pill

That they call pride

The old me is dead and gone,

The new me will be alright




I've been travelin

On this road to long

Just trying to find

My way back home

The old me

Is dead and gone

Musical Interlude

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