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Final Fantasy 8 'Summer in Balamb'

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After many years of listening to OCR, I finally wanted to try my hand at creating a mix.

Summer in Balamb (4.35MB, 3:10) - the remix, featuring string pizzicatos and synths.

Balamb Garden - the source.

I have only minimal musical knowledge and experience so I'm suspecting that it's rather poorly structured, but it was still fun to make; maybe someone will enjoy it! Definitely open to any comments or suggestions.

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I think you got kind of liberal with the source, I can barely hear balamb garden in there at all. It almost sounds like this peice is "inspired by" the source, rather than an actual rearrangement of it.

The production is decent I guess, but your soundscape is pretty sparse, with just the tinny little lead and the pizzy strings, and the strings are pretty static themselves.

For a first mix this is pretty admirable though, and it's not bad to listen to, it can actually be quite pleasing.

If you enjoyed making it, then definately keep at it.:)

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i'd have to cash in with -rk-, the song itself is nice but it's a bit challenging to hear the resemblance to the source. at max you have maybe three (?) sounds going at the same time, so it sounds a bit empty. the mix would definitely benefit from added instrumentation, and possibly from some added reverb to that harp

overall i think this is going in the right direction. i would advise to incorporate more source material and possibly more instrumentation, but obviously that's up to you :)

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Yeah, the sound is pretty repetitive, and I don't think this combination of synths and orchestral samples work. If mixed and processed different, at the very least using a more fitting synth it might work, but not in its current state, imo.

I'm not familiar with FF8's music, so I'd have to listen over and over to the source before i could say for sure, but I can't find anything from source after one listen. If you're aiming to get it on ocr, the source would have to be more prominent. The others, more familiar with the source, seem to have the same issue with it.

It's a sweet tune that I could easily picture as being in-game background music, but as a standalone song it'd have to be more interesting. The basic idea here (pizzicato, bass, and backing) could very well work if you'd get some dynamics into it and fix the sounds (see first paragraph).

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Thanks for all the thoughts! I very much appreciate them and will be working them in if I end up completing a second version -- I'm approaching it fairly casually so far, so we'll see if anything comes of it. Bowed strings are adding a nice sound to it, but it's slow going inching them in while restructuring it all; after stepping away from the piece for a few days, I too had a harder time placing the source than I did while first writing it. Funny how it can slip away from you!

Anyway, I'd love for OCR to have a Balamb mix -- no matter if it's mine or someone else's -- so I hope someday it gets one!

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