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Help identifying songs within a mix


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Sometime ago I found "THIS" Mix in my iTunes library, I have no clue how it got there, but I gave it a listen (a 2.5 hr mix btw)

I love the mix and the songs used in it, so I googled the mix name in search for the individual song names so that I could download them individually.

After a long search I failed :(

The only thing I found was the link to the mix from Brian Owen's page. (link above)

So I would like to know if you guys know the songs in the mix.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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doesn't affect OCR at all - it's an external link, you'll be downloading off of... Brian Owen's site. Lol, if he didn't want it to be distributed/use his bandwidth, he shouldn't have made it available in the first place.

My mistake, sorry. Its always the first thing I think about when there is a heavy download from a site like this one and I didn't occur to me from there.

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1. Jairus Miller – City of Light [original mix]

2. Sander Kleinenberg – The Fruit [Tom Novy Club Mix]

3. Mooncat – Badass [Time Design Mix]

4. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia [swing to Chunk Mix/Original Mix]

5. Joshua Collins & Rachel Starr – Bring it Down [Rachel Starr Mix]

6. Yoshimoto – Du What U Du [Trentemoller mix]

7. Alter Ego - Rocker

8. Chris Ovide – Allegria [Chris O's feelin it Mix]

9. DMS12 – Its Our House [Main Mix]

10. Eric Shans – Moving Through Time

11. Nathan G – Motion Potion [Original Mix]

12. Matthias Heibronn – Like This [Original Mix]

13. Doug Waylo & Brian Owen – In Your Skull

14. Max Linen – Flashback [Original Mix]

15. Steve Angello – The Look [D Ramirez Big Room Mix]

16. Guy Gerber – Stoppage Time [Dave G and Sahar Zs 17 Mix]

17. Superchumbo – Dirty Filthy

18. Pole Folder – Salvation on Slavery Sins [Regenerated Mix]

19. Pete Bones, Grant Plant – Bubsuruncle [Hollow Transaltlantic Mix]

20. Coca & Villa D Formation – La Noche

21. Mr. Acid – Mr Acid [Original Mix]

22. Walter Ercolino – One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [Original Mix]

23. Stereonova – Test [Original Mix]

24. JJ Flores & Steve Smooth – The Ride [Original Mix]

25. Shapeshifters – Lola's Theme [Eric Prydz Mix]

26. Gadjo – So Many Times [Club Edit]

27. Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

28. "The Matrix" Acapella Sample


Awesome work!

Did you do it by ear, or did you find the list somewhere on the net?

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Amazon MP3 is really nice. It's cheaper than iTunes across the board and sometimes it has VERY cheap album deals. The new Prodigy and Crystal Method albums were something like $2-4 each!

Ill give it a try, I didn't know amazon sold music in MP3 format. :P

EDIT: I found a mistake in the list.

I think mister Owen forgot to mention 1 song.

If you listen after song number 6 (Do What U Do) songs 7 is not Rocker by Alter Ego.

Song 7 is a dude that sounds Jamaica. (Millian I think is the name of the artist, or something like that)

I'd really like to buy that song too.

That songs starts at 0:38:00

And then when the song is over it skips 'Chris Ovide – Allegria [Chris O's feelin it Mix]' and goes to 'DMS12 – Its Our House [Main Mix]'

I couldn't find that song on amazon music, Myspace music or though a Google search.

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