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  1. I absolutely love this. Any time I listen to it, I feel I have to be driving or playing a driving game. And it puts me in a rather adventurous mind frame. Awesome stuff
  2. A friend of mine showed me that Kojima Productions is hiring for several positions and will be at the GDC next month. This includes various Programming, Music Composer, and Artists. So if any of the OCR Folks are gonna be out in that area during that time, check it out. Kojima Productions Website
  3. Thanks so much OCR Crew. I gotta say for the couple of days I've been on, I've definitely enjoyed it on there
  4. Hey guys, I want to get on to the OCR group too. Anything in particular I need to do?
  5. Hey Bahamut, could I get an invite to the L4D2 OCR Group on Steam? My login name is kousentora.

  6. In to win, baby!!!! Out of all the VG music that I listen to, I always come back to the Final Fantasy Music for that moment that will forever touch my heart. You will always remember that moment when One Winged Angel comes on and you get absolute chills....
  7. Randy “Macho Man” Savage Prevents Rapture
  8. Another song to add to that list is Wrestling with Double Bass by Malcos.
  9. Lyrically not all that great, but I do like the nod to CT.
  10. If possible, could you guys talk to xmark and do up Cyanide? I would love to see that one done on a RB/GH game.
  11. I'm especially pissed that the next game in the series is not being ported over stateside. Playing that game on a Wii Controller would make for a very interesting experiece.
  12. Very good battle there & liking the direction they've been going with this.
  13. RedTigrr


    As far as to why the name thing has been confusing a lot of people is because of what happened. When the announcement was first made that The Last Airbender was going to be made into a full length movie, they were just going to name it Avatar. Well Cameron wanted to take them to court over the use of the name. So to kill the confusion, they renamed it to just "The Last Airbender".
  14. As far as I know, you can't update the current NFL roster to Madden 09.
  15. I wonder if and when this goes to trial, are they gonna bring up the case of the guy in Australia that actually won the case that Sony brought up against him several years ago dealing with this same situation. http://www.out-law.com/page-6200 But only time will tell.
  16. You are correct sir. There was a Pac-Man cartoon that ran for about 2 seasons from 82-84. Cartoon Network would show the Christmas episode every year. Now Boomerang shows it every year.
  17. Too late for that one. And thanks Coop.
  18. Nope. He has it right with Bionic Six. That's old school Saturday Morning Goodness. But this Cyber Six sounds intriguing. Tell me more...
  19. Hey DS, I just checked the site and Ep 19 is now up and available!!!
  20. Have you given Amazon Music a shot as of yet?
  21. While I like that they posted the release date, my #1 concern is when are they going to give us price points?
  22. RedTigrr

    Metroid: Other M

    Even though I'm not much of a Metroid fan, this one I will be buying!!!!
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