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Hardest Bosses in any game ever?


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the weapons

ive nearly completed the game.. but im determined to beat the weapons

and i realised they really do suck there that hard

the ultimate weapon was easy enough when cloud has double cut and each attack does 9999 damage haha but emerald weapon seems to be destroying me even after i do the best summon in the game 6 times

this game is epic

surely these are the hardest bosses in any game ever?

please anyone know any harder ones please tell

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BeBop in TMNT2: The Arcade Game was pretty assbackwards hard if you didn't h4x him, which is absurd considering he was only the 2nd boss in the game. and just about every boss in the XBOX Ninja Gaiden. :|

oh and let's not forget Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream from the NES (Mike Tyson's) Punch-Out!!

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FFVII if anyone misses the thread starter's reference

i can name a lot of tough motherfuckers i remember as a kid. terrapin from breath of fire 2 (snes version) still pisses me off to this day. the bonus dungeon on the gba port of FFVI is full of some really hard battles even at lv99. i can admit i've never beaten it yet

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