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2 New WIPs: Final Justice/Humanity's Redemption (both rock/metal)


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I've got 2 new WIPs i'm working on. For the most part i think they're done unless anyone has any suggestions. I think the production seems pretty solid, but i'm still working on my production skills.

The first is a power metal/metalcore kinda sounding track. Its pretty heavy, but soaring as well. The second is a kind of rock/progressive metal sounding track. I try to incorporate as much into a track as a can without it being ridiculous. I'm hoping these both sound pretty good.



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I only have time to listen to the first track. I swear I'll listen to the second track as soon as I can... unfortunately that won't be until this Monday (the large files are making it hard to download at home, right now :|).

However, from the first track I can tell you your levels are pretty loud, right now. The highs in the track are physically hurting my ears, atm... turn them down, a lot. Otherwise, a sweet track you've got going. I really, really liked the intro to the whole thing, and the epic feel works well. Do you plan on incorporating Nightwish-like singing into this? That would be pretty sweet.

I haven't heard the other track yet (like I said, I probably won't until Monday). Best of luck with this.

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Thanks man! I realized after i posted it that i did all the production on the first track but didn't lower the high's. I fixed that and a few volume/compression issues as well. I'll post the better version in a few minutes. I would love to add vocals, but i can't sing for the life of me or know anyone that does.

Take your time with the second track. It'll still be there on monday. :D

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I'll comment the Humanity's Redemption track.

The intro: The string/choir thing sounds ok, but the bass is just bad. It's so obviously a sample, that I would definitely, definitely advice you to improve that. Either try a different bass sample, play with the velocities and see if that makes it better, put something to accompany the bass, or just remove it and try to figure out something else there. When the bass starts playing the lower note, it's especially painful.

Moving on. The...what is it? Some space sweep? Anyway, that's ok too, but another problem arises with the fast melody. The sample could be better, and the melody also starts a little unexpectedly. Abrupt would be the word to describe it.

The guitars. They keep in rhythm well enough, but I don't like how they sound. They're a bit thrashy, that's ok, but they just sound to me like they are played through a sub-par amp. I don't know how much EQing would help, so I'd suggest trying to record with different settings and see if you can make them more full.

Okay what the hell is that melody? :D I'm not trying to be an ass here, but it's just so weird. It comes unexpectedly and bounces all over the place. You don't have to totally erase it, but at least work a better stepping entrance for them, and instead of 32th and whatnot notes, keep it under restrain. Once the out of bounds melody ceases to exist, I'm waiting for the guitar riff to finish its thing and for the song to unleash. And though it takes a little too long for my tastes, finally we hear more than just the hi-hat and bass.

The solo is a bit letdown, since there's a few false notes I think. And even when the solo is on scale, it's just a random note after another to me. Some might like it (I'm not saying the solo is terrible), but it just does not cut for me. The part 2 of the solo is more cohesive.

The doublebass section with the choir makes me think of old Dimmu Borgir (because of the choir I think). I did not see the sudden twist of turning from heavy rock to metal coming.

More soloing. Again, a similar problem with randomness as with the first solo. Is the second solo copypasted? And the metal thing again?

Don't like that pad that does one or two notes every now and then, it does not need to be there.

I should point out at this point that you've managed to keep the rhythm guitar still on beat, so good job there. I like your standard riffing a lot more than your solos.

The breakdown, though it sounds quite strange, is strangely compelling at the same time. Now I'm thinking some obscure early 90's metal. The soloing here is also not as bad as before (i.e it suits better).

But the solo before the synth solo is again another display of randomness, and the synth solo...is just plain horrible. I don't like the sound and how it comes into play. I might ask at this point, do you really need this much solos?

A third copypaste of the Dimmu Borgir part. I'm cool with that, but do add some bit of variation, for example give the drummer some tom notes, cymbals, anything, so that it's not always the same.

Another solo. Before it starts to play random, I like what it does. I would've preferred more that kind of stuff in the solos, if there really has to be so goddamn many of them.

The playing in the outro is sloppy.

Alright, I finished listening to the song. As you can probably tell, there wasn't a whole lot I liked. It's not necessarily because the song is bad, since I'm quite sure there are probably some people who like this sort of music, but for me personally it wasn't a mindblowing experience.

I'm not gonna summarize what I liked and what I didn't like since it's all there. I'm sorry if you feel the review was harsh, but that's what criticism is. Also, I apologise for not mentioning the timecodes in each comment, that's because Tindeck wouldn't let me download the song so I streamed it on a blank page. I hope you can tell by my comments, which section I'm talking about in each sentence (if you even want to do that).

For future work, keep on practicing. You got the riffs down, and the drum programming is pretty good, if a little repetitive. But you don't need that much solos! Toss the solos, work on how to make a nice composition, and if the song wants a solo, give it a solo, but don't force them down the poor thing's throat. Also, even if it is a fast solo, it doesn't have to be just random notes. A solo is part of the composition as well, so think about that too. And if you can't play the solo properly, don't use it. Figure out something else. But for the love of god, whatever you do, DON'T substitute it with synth solos similar to what you have here.

I hope you're not too madden by this review, and got something to think about.

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