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Rumors of a slim PS3

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If you do a search on google.com for "slim PS3" you'll get this:


All of the first 5 pages are talking about a rumor that "seems" to be true about a slim model of the PS3 being produced during the month of July among a couple of other rumors. I don't really know what to make of it because it seems strange to me that they would just make them all without announcing it first.

What do you think?

I personally would be happy if it were true and this new model included some improvements other than its size. Especially since it's FINALLY NEARING THE DAY THAT I BUY A NEW CONSOLE.

(Composes oneself) Sorry, I got overly excited there for a sec.

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If they include backwards compatibility with it, I'll buy one for sure. My PS2 just died, so that would work out well.

If they don't include it, well... then it's more of a maybe for me. Smaller is definitely better though. Hopefully it's cooler and quieter too.

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