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RuneScape - Dream (plus Garden)


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Well hey it's another WIP from me, except this one's a slightly more "finished" one. It's mainly a remix of the Runescape song "Dream," although it's got some of the Garden" theme in there too. Here is the MP3 file, and I await your thoughts! Thanks!

EDIT1: Updated the mix just a bit. http://flexstylemusic.com/downloads/misc/rsdream_beta2.mp3

EDIT2: Another update. Shorted the outro, adjusted the master EQ a bit. http://flexstylemusic.com/downloads/misc/rsdream_beta3.mp3 Getting close to done here, I think.

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Wooo Imago Deo synth! haha

This is solid. I like the pads and your arps, that's prolly the best part! I also like a little delayed clap fill thingy. The bass mostly sounds good until it's exposed at the end though. But that leads me to my only gripe:

Definitely no need for that long outro though. In my opinion, you ought to find a better way to end it. It not only exposes the bass but also the piano, kinda. The piano sample obviously isn't great (you knew that, I'm sure) but it sounded great when it was buried.

Keep it up!

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Ah, Runescape music is so unappreciated. Sure, the quality of the ingame tracks are retardedly low (straight MIDI), but I always thought the composition work in the game was pretty top-notch regardless of the final quality of the tracks.

This is a well-rounded, ambient, chill mix. I love the way your synths mesh, they work very well. The melodies could stand to be changed up from the originals every once in a while, but I don't think it's a big deal if they're left as-is; the soundscape more than makes up for the similarity of the melody to the original.

My only real advice is this: make the track go somewhere. Build up to something bigger, give us a big honkin' climax to look forward to.

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Wow this is awesome... Nice use of effects to get a lush atmosphere... good synths... yeah I can dig this :P

I thought the drums were a bit dry and flat at first but they got alot better as the mix progressed

Your stuff reminds me of blinds music which is as good a compliment I can give you :P

Can't say much on the arrangement as you haven't posted the source but If you have variation to the source and over 50% of source usage you should pass on that.

Yeah submit it, very impressive.. ;)

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