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Lux Aeterna - Finished!


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Also diotrans, excellent job on such short notice. Do you have anything on the site that I haven't caught hold of yet?

Thank you ^_^

Not yet. But I will have a track on the DKC2 project, so I guess that will be out when the project is released. Other than that, I have a sub in the queue, and various half-started WIPs that I really need to get finished ^_^;

Outside of OCR, my band Flickerfall will have our debut EP out on August 17.

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Nice work on the latin lyrics... it's really unusual to hear latin in an electronica track, but this sounds really cool... both the production and singing work really nicely together, really cool sick synth work imo. It's awesome to see an original collaboration here. Either I've been away too long or they're all too rare. Or I'm way out of the loop :grin:

Either way, I'm impressed.

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Wasn't saying I wasn't familiar with Latin hymns, Gregorian chants or the mass... but it was refreshing to hear that in a pop electronica setting, I would have never thought of it.

Latin is an epic language, and it was an awesome touch :grin:

Ubi Caritas is also amazing, don't know if you've heard it before:


Look forward to hearing more of your stuff! :D

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Who is that singin?

Diotrans - she sang the music (and quite well, might I add :-P)

Nice version of Ubi Caritas, man. Very pretty and clean :-o. It sounds very Celtic (I love Celtic music - it is the shit). I sang a version of it when I was in Choir (which was also a good rendition).

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