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Grind'er (RA2 Electro/Progressive House)

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Hey all, I'm back with a highly danceable mix of Grinder, from the Red Alert 2 OST.

I actually started this after hearing the awesome mix by Prince of Darkness and realizing that RA2 has more songs than just hell march...haha

This was also a "test," if you will, of my new equipment - the first official mix in the new studio!

I've been listening to a ton of Justice, Deadmau5, Sebastian, etc etc and I felt I had to make something like that... so here we go:

edit: new version is up



Turn it up loud...and add a sub for maximum power!

to do list:

-some transitions piss me off, and I'm going to make them work

-additional drum percussion parts


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Alright, thanks for the comments!

Here's a revised version:

-slight snare layered with kick (mmmm...crispy...)

-lead issues slightly addressed (I like the high pitched lead, so it stays...but I layered it with something else to make it more bearable)


as for my equipment, I meant primarily my monitors...got some new mackies that I'm lovin'

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Still listening, but my initial thought is...turn down a little of that high range on the master EQ. Could be your monitors (and have you broken 'em in yet?), but there's some nasty high frequencies sticking out to me.

That said, that's the only thing that's really sticking out to me. DIGGING that amazingly phat bassline. Nice beat, diggin' that. You might try adding a more obvious breakdown in there, since it's a club tune. Gotta give that crowd something to latch onto for the ride up, doncha know?

I suppose one more thing would be to turn that reversed clap / whip-sounding thing down a bit. Doesn't need to be quite so loud.

Other than that, I dig...a lot! If you're going to sub it to OCR, I'd suggest creating a radio edit or something, as full-fledged club tunes don't seem to go over all *that* well.

Any chance you could check out either or both of my WIPs? Links are in my signature.

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So I listened to your update and this track still rocks!

But as I kept letting the beat synths and everything hit me the tailing on your high ends kept bugging me. It seemed noisy. Not like the noisy we get with hiss on a mic but noise in a sense that hi-hats cymbal taps (*Ksssk* sounds) seem to fill rhythmic gaps oddly, acoustically (does that make sense?) I guess I would say, "the tailing for your hi-hats seems funny when the bass frequencies aren't hitting". If I were trying to fix it I would take out the various layers in the cymbal patterns and see which seemed better, worse or needed. But this is a MINOR crit.

Like I said this still ROCKS!

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