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What is the best way to get electronic "distortion?"

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Basically I'm doing an electronic project with a huge rock/hardcore edge to it. And the moment I'm getting some decent fuzz sounds by applying BOSS overdrive effects (SD-1, etc.) to a bass VST. However I want to get a more "guitarish" feel, and all of the guitar VSTs I know of sound kind of crappy.

Even with bass there is probably something better to use than an overdrive pedal.

Anyone know any good ways to emulate guitar-ish distortion outside of recording actual guitars? Or any interesting ways to get to a cool distorted sound, doesn't even necessarily have to be guitar based.

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Guitar Rig isn't too bad when it comes to fuzz & distortion, even for bass.

The basic overdrive effect tend to try to render an electric guitar effect,

so it may not be as convincing for say, an electronic bass or a synth either.

Try this:

-Mixdown your guitar/bass part, import it in your wave editor, and use distortion plugin on the part.

-Then pass it through a noisegate to add grain while avoiding sound saturation.

-Finally add a phaser filter on top, and normalize the average rms to -16dB.

I get a really nice fuzz sound, free of clipping by doing that.

Hope that helps. ;)

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