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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 28: Sega vs. Nintendo


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hahaha, thanks Dhsu :)

And thanks for the votes guys! I threw the Dragoon in there because 1) I really don't know that many homemade Sega games, and 2) to kinda maybe make up for last month's competition :?

I'll have the next FAC thread up later today...and please don't hate me for the new theme, I'm thinking we're going have a "WTF" month (which will hopefully be fun and silly, but then again it might kill the competition FOREVER).


FAC 29!

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entry 5

looks kinda disgusting if you stare at it for a bit

Hahaha I KNOW. Why the heck were you staring at it for a bit??? I noticed this when I was thinking of whether it should be black and white... or white and black. But I thought... no one will look at it for more than a minute.

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