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Uru WIP - Badlands


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Still in the very early stages as I just started today. I rendered it before going to bed so I could show some friends and figured I might as well toss it up here as well.

There are a few issues that I already plan on fixing as soon as I start working on it again so they don't need to be mentioned:

- Noticeable click at the beginning

- Cymbals might be a bit loud

- Synth pad at the end is a little high in pitch

Let me know what you think!

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- Click in beginning fixed

- Cymbals toned down a little

- Synth pad lowered in pitch

- Vibrato added to synth lead

- Snare sample changed

- A few sine wave dives added (barely audible)

- Cellos and taiko drum section added at end

Known issues:

- A bit of clipping in a few places.

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- Minor panning fluctuation added to chorused saw synth

- Slight distortion added to filtered saw bass

- Orchestral crash added during taiko+cello break to flesh it out a bit

- Taiko EQ and panning delay modified

- Different chords on the pads when the taikos begin

- Cellos are introduced differently

- General lengthening as I work toward completion

Known issues:

- I made the taiko too loud with the tweaking, need to tone it down

- Taiko rhythm could definitely use some variation (so could some other patterns)

- Introducing the cellos needs work, it seems too abrupt

- I'm a little iffy about the second half of the synth lead during the break in the middle, might end up rewriting that part

- The "emptiness" issue addressed earlier in the thread still hasn't been worked on.

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