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New rock'n roll tune from my band


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I just finished this new demo from one of my bands. I write, do backup vocals and play the bass. I've also recorded and mixed the song, though we'll re-record it in a couple of weeks in a professional studio so all feedback is greatly appreciated :)

This project (called Trouble Circus) focus on late 70/early 80 party rock with elements of punk and metal.

The song: http://www11.nrk.no/urort/1.0/track/download/678560.mp3

For live pictures and such check out: http://www11.nrk.no/urort/TroubleCircus/default.aspx


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Well I disagree with you two. I think the song's pretty good. Sure, it's pretty straightforward but it's still good. Also, I don't hear any problem with the vocalist. Well okay, the lyrics are utter shit but the song still sounds good. The mixing is pretty good except for the fact there's a slight amount of clipping (not much though).

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Party Punk! Reminds me of some early Offspring (though the lyrics are comparatively not good)

Sadly, it also reminds me of hammerhead, which is just bizarre considering how well the guy from offspring can sing now.

ANNNYYYYWAAYYY. I enjoyed this, I'm sure some guys would like this.

As a bass player I like your tone. It works well, especially with the double kick. It could use a little bit more high or volume IMO. But hey, bass players get their own tones and stuff so its cool.

:D Good luck.

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