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Castlvania - Bloody Tears WIP


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I make a lot of projects with the intent of encoding them to ADX -- a looping digital audio format used in dozens of console games. My remix of Bloody Tears is among these, so the arrangement itself is simple at this point. It loops nicely, so the ADX version is "finished", but I'd like to flesh out the arrangement a little more for a non-looping version so I can submit it here.

The arrangement itself is sort of meant to be an "ultimate" version, taking elements from many different games' versions of the song while still bringing some new elements of style and "feel". The only things conspicuously absent that I wish weren't are the bassline from Castlevania 4 and Dracula X's organ solo (still need to work on getting a good organ sound).

Bloody Tears MP3

Note that this, my Vampire Killer arrangement, and many others are part of a project I'm working on. I would like to sequence, hopefully for video games, for a living, so I'm making an album of video game remixes. They're all done with the same synth and intentionally stay fairly close to the source material in spirit (VK sounded like it was from a Castlevania remake, according to one listener, for example), but add new elements and sounds and are all badassed up; if you've heard the "MIDI Power Pro" arrangements from Symphony of the Night, my aim is almost exactly that album, but not specific to SotN (or even Castlevania), and with much more liberty taken as far as giving things my own "sound".

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i wonder why you not so much feedback,

first of all i like so much, it's exactly the style of music i want to make,

what is your synth ? it remind me how sound a roland sc-8850 or a sound module of this kind^^.

This case also remind how a music who is not loud can be cool also even for this kin of music

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I get the feeling that this loops... :-P

0:00 - Intro gets my attention right away. The kick drum could use a bit more kick. I'm tweaking my sub to get more punch from the perc, and all I'm getting is bass.

0:09 - The snare seems to be getting a little bit drowned out. The tom sound seems fine where it is, same with the cymbals.

0:09 - 0:32 - This does have a very Smash Bros. sound, like Capt. Falcon meets Dracula.

0:28 - 0:33 - This gets a little bit too busy.

0:33 - 0:35 - Drum fill =D

0:35 - 0:43 - The synth in the background is cool, bring it out.

0:43 - The counter synth playing under the melody is getting a little bit lost. May need to use a new synth, something a bit sharper.

1:02 - 1:06 - This gets a little bit too busy.

1:09 - I like this part, gives my ears a break from everything that's going on right before it.

1:17 - The first bit of semi-original material. Still has a very F-Zero sound to it.

1:32 - Golden Sun windup?

1:42 - Again

1:57 - End - Rinse, repeat?

All in all, not a bad idea, not sure about the original content aspect of it, as it seems a bit coverish. Sounds pretty good, but there's a lot to clean up. Watching for the next version.

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