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OCR01156 - *YES* Beatmania 2DX & Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 'Kick Your A'


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Game: Beatmania IIDX and/or DDR (There have been several mixes of this tune used between these two Konami games. It appeared first in IIDX I am told.)

Remix Name: Kick Your A

Original Title: A

Original Artist: DJ Amuro

Mixer: SuperGreenX

As with my other DDR mix, 4F73R M3, this song was created specifically for these games by a Konami in house artist, so it should be kosher for OC.

I made this mix with two audiences in mind. Obviously, there's the game remix community, but I also have a following over at flashflashrevolution.com, so I tried to satisfy both groups. For the remixing doods, I put a lot of effort into changing around lots of harmonies, adding harmony to pretty much every melody that had none in the original, and created a new main melody (played by both the violin and squarewave synth). 4F73R M3 got some flak from people saying it wasn't different enough arrangement-wise, so I'm trying to prevent that this time.

I tried to make all of these changes while still satisfying those less-skeptical FFR users who probably want to hear things they will recognize, so I kept the similar structure (slow section, then super hyper double time section) and kept the piano run similar-ish but with some extra, almost jazzy chords.

Hope you dig.

Btw, if this hasn't been changed yet, could you switch my url to www.supergreenx.com? Thanks!


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I'm really liking the production quality on this. My only slight gripe is the piano, which sounded dry at times.

Oh no. Hmmm

3.00: oh yeah loving those chords.

3.25 - 3.32: Oh no, some of that piano pattern sounded off-key to me.

I'm gonna come back to this, man I liked this track until the off-key. No, I have to do this now, I can't allow off-keyness, I must stick to my own rules.


I like this track but sorry.

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