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OCRA-0015 - Xenogears: Humans + Gears


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Here's a comment about a year and a half later, but here's some more current thoughts.

While the album certainly has some flaws here and there, I find myself going back to listening to the album from time to time, which speaks volumes about the music's quality in perhaps the more abstract department, even with newer albums. The album isn't how I probably would've imagined it, but that's why it's always nice to hear other people's works/attempts. I enjoy this album quite a lot, and probably is in the better half of released albums on OCR IMO.

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Also, in case any updating will ever be done to the website, "Kira of Trance" should redirect to electric concerto's profile here on the OCR forums. I noticed he was one of the artists that didn't have any sort of link attached to his name, but should have.
Yeah... about that... I forgot to do that consent thing you're suppose to do for projects. I already did it for the Mario 64 one though.

Kira of Trance was a waste of time, money, everything. I shouldn't have ever used that... It's Electric Concerto, and I do genre fusions.

I will say, I love how the album came out. Awesome work!

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I wonder if you could almost call this album the Xenogears of OCR albums. It's weird and not really like anything else and sometimes that weirdness is like, "Ehh, this isn't really for me." Like, why the hell was Chu Chu on the cross, you know? But it had something it wanted to say and I remember it being mostly fun playing it. When I do a "listen to every OCR album for games I've played, in order the album was released" like I'm doing right now, I never skip over it. I wouldn't want to miss out on some favorite tracks mixed in with the weirder ones.

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