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How about a little progressive math metroid metal? :)


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I like it! Very cool first remix!

Metal is very common in the remixing community, and it's not my favourite genre either, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. But I liked the sound and atmosphere in this one. It sounds like you know your metal.

Drumming sounds very real and varied.

Some criticisms:

The sound is a little shrill. Though I actually think low end is a little overrated in modern music -- and your remix does have a certain 80s thrash feeling -- I still want a little more fatness in this tune.

Hihat is too high.

The ending is very abrupt and not very thought out.

Only my opinions, of course.

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I do have to agree on the 'shrillness', however it should be a quick fix, really.

Well, you say you don't know much about mixing, but try to learn about parametric eq and multiband compressors. Try fiddling with the levels manually too, presets are good time savers but you should also learn what they actually do at some point.

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Shrill...? I dunno... but I do know this you mids seemed hallow. Like you got the boom from your kick and all the 5kHz+ from the cymbals but no meat in the middle. I would say mix/EQ those tighter (Hi's and Low's) and bring your Mids forward more in the mix. I can hear your guitar but it doesn't sound "in front" in the mix.

Beyond all that this is a awesome mix / arrangement, love the textures and sounds you gave everything.

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