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Metroid 2 - Return of Samus - Tunnel Theme


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While I was without the internet I worked, mostly for fun, on some Metroid arrangements. Made some mixes mainly for myself but I am kicking around one for possible submission. As-Is probably wouldn't get a yes. Things I would tweek before sub'd: Washes / Transitions, and EQ. I just was wondering if I should take a cue spot and sub this?

AmR - 3-88 (Metroid 2- Return of Samus - Tunnel Theme)

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Great introduction. Actually, I feel like it's a lot of introduction. You gotta do something to really make it stand out when your main idea comes in. My first thought is take down the volume just before your main idea enters.

Also, your lead instrument feels weak to me. It's got a good sound and the notes are okay, but it doesn't really stand out the way I think a powerful lead should. Maybe bringing down some of that airy sounding thing would help with this; or layering that sound with something to give it some punch.

fast 'clackity clackity' 32nd notes in the intro feel out of place. 0:50

This has a sort of tendency to run long to me. Prolly because of the repeating pattern. I'd like to hear a definite break in it more than the once, or even some panning or effects to change it up.

At 2:45, some dynamics would be a nice addition. Everything in this ends up coming out the same volume to me.

Hope this helps

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This is definitely worth continuing to work on.

For now I think the beginning of the track needs some eq work, get the right instruments in front. The 'long intro' effect in this case is more likely a mastering problem than a compositional one, it sounds like everything is already there but you need to tweak some levels to change how it is heard and to give it more defined 'phrasing' if you will.

Just my two cents.

Edit, also the rapid clicking effect, I think that has potential, but its a little to 'samey' the whole way through. You could try varying the velocities a bit if you want to keep it in.

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