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  1. Cheesy synthetic is the right vibe for the source, more so for Ultimate Team than any other game in the series, but that sound was more or less invented to be sung to. It's the difference between pop song and midi.
  2. I was about ready to start complaining about it being too conservative and then the Power Rangers fluttery synth noise kicked in at 1:30 and segued into the second, much more original, half. The whole thing sounds very synthetic - part of me assumes it must be intentional when the guitar and piano samples both sound like a cheap keyboard - but the judges ain't gonna touch something like this without something more real sounding taking center stage. Might I suggest you use some lyrics? I'm feeling the guy rapping/girl singing kinda thing. The source already had that kind of feel but you brought it out even harder.
  3. The bass seems right to me. I think the title is wonderful, they can * it out if need be. Too conservative, though, fo' sho'.
  4. Nothing constructive to say, just praise.
  5. That actually sounds better than I was expecting. My one real gripe is that the percussion-y ring-y kind of loop is just far too uniform and mechanical. Makes it sound too background-y, you know?
  6. Gar covered most everything, there's just one other issue. The voice saying "bend over". I get that it's probably supposed to sound like "Jenova" but, well, it doesn't until the very last one with no musical accompaniment. All in all, it's the cheeriest rape song I ever did hear.
  7. They were okay. They don't change so much as they accent so, while they don't hurt, they don't really carry any weight.
  8. That's hard to answer. Too many variables. I will say that, most of the time people try, I don't find it works. But it's been done successfully before. I'm glad I didn't offend you, I never intend to but I can be rather blunt.
  9. So, if you could just cut absolutely everything up to 3:32, that would be a start. I mean, it starts a straight copy with some minimal added sounds on top and then goes into this big long sound effect solo that's, frankly, kind of obnoxious. Once you get into 3:32, you start actually changing what's already there and it sounds half decent.
  10. I was just trying to think of the closest admissible song to the James Bond theme.
  11. Maybe you could dodge the judges if you replace the James Bond theme areas with Flying Battery Zone from Sonic 3.
  12. The second half, once the drums take center, is the better half. Until then, they actually feel totally out of place.
  13. Most of this is pretty swell, love that old sci-fi movie sounding synth, but those fake voices sound cheesy as hell, especially the way they can't pull off the faster bits without slurring.
  14. I'm not familiar enough with this style to tell if it's well done or not. What I do know is that the bit of Rozov's advice you responded to isn't the important one: too conservative. Play with it. Do a little soloing, use bits from another song, add lyrics, something more in the foreground. Sure you've done a fair bit with the backing but that only goes so far. Not all of us have current computers and/or stable connections. It takes 30 seconds for me to load a video from 5 Second Films, which then runs choppily.
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