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  1. Cheesy synthetic is the right vibe for the source, more so for Ultimate Team than any other game in the series, but that sound was more or less invented to be sung to. It's the difference between pop song and midi.
  2. I was about ready to start complaining about it being too conservative and then the Power Rangers fluttery synth noise kicked in at 1:30 and segued into the second, much more original, half. The whole thing sounds very synthetic - part of me assumes it must be intentional when the guitar and piano samples both sound like a cheap keyboard - but the judges ain't gonna touch something like this without something more real sounding taking center stage. Might I suggest you use some lyrics? I'm feeling the guy rapping/girl singing kinda thing. The source already had that kind of feel but you brought it out even harder.
  3. The bass seems right to me. I think the title is wonderful, they can * it out if need be. Too conservative, though, fo' sho'.
  4. Nothing constructive to say, just praise.
  5. That actually sounds better than I was expecting. My one real gripe is that the percussion-y ring-y kind of loop is just far too uniform and mechanical. Makes it sound too background-y, you know?
  6. Gar covered most everything, there's just one other issue. The voice saying "bend over". I get that it's probably supposed to sound like "Jenova" but, well, it doesn't until the very last one with no musical accompaniment. All in all, it's the cheeriest rape song I ever did hear.
  7. They were okay. They don't change so much as they accent so, while they don't hurt, they don't really carry any weight.
  8. That's hard to answer. Too many variables. I will say that, most of the time people try, I don't find it works. But it's been done successfully before. I'm glad I didn't offend you, I never intend to but I can be rather blunt.
  9. So, if you could just cut absolutely everything up to 3:32, that would be a start. I mean, it starts a straight copy with some minimal added sounds on top and then goes into this big long sound effect solo that's, frankly, kind of obnoxious. Once you get into 3:32, you start actually changing what's already there and it sounds half decent.
  10. I was just trying to think of the closest admissible song to the James Bond theme.
  11. Maybe you could dodge the judges if you replace the James Bond theme areas with Flying Battery Zone from Sonic 3.
  12. The second half, once the drums take center, is the better half. Until then, they actually feel totally out of place.
  13. Most of this is pretty swell, love that old sci-fi movie sounding synth, but those fake voices sound cheesy as hell, especially the way they can't pull off the faster bits without slurring.
  14. I'm not familiar enough with this style to tell if it's well done or not. What I do know is that the bit of Rozov's advice you responded to isn't the important one: too conservative. Play with it. Do a little soloing, use bits from another song, add lyrics, something more in the foreground. Sure you've done a fair bit with the backing but that only goes so far. Not all of us have current computers and/or stable connections. It takes 30 seconds for me to load a video from 5 Second Films, which then runs choppily.
  15. I have always hated this song. It was boring and the place it was in was boring and was entirely too big so you had to be stuck listening to this song drone on and on while looking for the handful of hidden stuff. Your first minute is just the old song with an annoying synthesizer. However, gets further in, the cheese factor starts ramping up into something actually kinda respectable. I actually don't think you took it far enough yet to focus solely on mixing issues. Get some more use outta that over-modulated electric guitar. Give us the most absurdly cornball synthpop since The Neverending Story. Go fucking crazy with it until you've made the nineteen eighties your bitch. Then you can focus on production value.
  16. Jesus Christ, dude, that file size is absurd. You saved it as an mp3, right? Not a wav? You get a handle on that filesize then some of us may actually try and listen to the thing.
  17. I get that but it doesn't make the first half any more interesting.
  18. Honestly, at the beginning it was too straightforward for my taste but the emotion it picked up in the second half really make up for that. Doesn't quite live up to the Mario RPG one but you keep this shit up because it's wonderful.
  19. I came in wondering what the fuck rock/orchestral/funk could sound like. Turned out to be rock/orchestral transitioning into straight funk, which is to say it turned out wonderful. Huggin' the source a bit closely for the first half and then it totally disappears for the second. If you could maybe balance that out a bit I think the song would end up better for it. And your orchestral instruments do not sound convincing. Also the percussion was boring but you already mentioned that. One thing's for certain, you fucking rocked that flute.
  20. Just completely erase the segment around :45 - 1:07 and start that over. It's disgusting. In fact, lose all the way to 2:00 because that synth sticks around and ugh. Now, the meat of your song, with the bass and the percussion and the better melody synth, I fucking adore that. You just gotta make the rest live up to it. There's this coffee-maker sounding rapid clicky noise from :20 to :45 that doesn't sound intentional. And if it is intentional well, then, it doesn't sound very good. Actually it kicks back in around 2:00 and I think it goes with the synth you're using there. That synth sounds great for the most part but you gotta lose that click it makes. Gotta ask, you've been playin' some Rearmed lately, haven't you?
  21. I'm underwhelmed by the melody on the midi piano. I mean the source is like "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BWAAAH BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and you've just got a wimpy bare-bones piano sample replacing that? Blasphemy. At least use lower notes or whatever the not-making-me-sound-retarded term is for using more than one key at a time for a little more oomph. Your guitars almost do it justice. But everything just sounds so stiff and midi-like that it's got no power behind any of it. I'm not hearing anything resembling "Paragon of Bass" written into this, even if it did have more production value. Though, on the bright side, I know what to name my band next time I play Guitar Hero. Keep the first voice clip, lose Saren's voice. I get it's his theme but he's just got a wimpy voice. Maybe something else by Shephard or Sovereign would sound better. Sovereign's voice: now there's a Paragon of Bass if I've ever heard one.
  22. Were you just clicking random buttons until something sounded cool? I can't imagine a thought process that would lead somebody to that combination.
  23. My subwoofer seems to have hit my body's frequency of resonance near the beginning. When the bass cut out I suddenly had a headache. I wasn't fond of the initial guitar part but it turns out it makes a fabulous segue into the song's climax which is beyond perfect. No criticism, just wanted to drop some praise and to thank you for reminding me of the high point of that game's soundtrack.
  24. The piano sounds awesome but I think the rest of your samples just sound sloppy instead of aged. I would recommend using good quality samples, then record that, then run the recording of everything together through some distortion. That'd make it more convincing, I think.
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