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*N/A* Sweet 'Sweet Games'

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Anyone up to tracking down the original and figuring out exactly what the heck is going on with this one? Interesting stuff... but... a game ReMix? -djp


Here is a remix for your excellent site OC!

It was made by me (Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson) and my friend Markus Schneider.

"Sweet" was the original title, an old Commodore 64 tune made in 1987 by Johannes Bjerregaard. We added some lyrics, and now it is an orchestral tune about videogames in general, and what they may bring...! :)

Remix by: Markus Schneider & Mahoney

Website: http://mahoney.c64.org

Email: None, please. It's on the website. (spam.... sucks!)

Please tell me when you've downloaded it, so I can remove it!

Have a noise night!


Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson


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Oh my fucking god.

This is so damned cool.

Holy Shit.

God I hope this doesn't break any guidelines.


Potential Problems:

This was gotten from a C64 game?

Whats the deal with the ripped off vocal sections from that one 80s song.. uh.. forget the name?

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....uh, ok.

Manages to be rather cool, completely absurd and embarrassingly pretentious all at once. You have lush orchestral textures, various old school games described with a completely serious sense of urgency (recited in thick Scandinavian accents, no less), and the thematically justified inclusion of a certain Eurythmics hit. Pretty standard checklist of how to make a successful remix...

I tentatively give a thumbs-up on this one (haven't heard the original). It would be a shame if it doesn't meet the guidelines though- it's just so....so...European.


(Is it just me, or does this kinda sound like Nightwish's more romantic moments?)

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DJP was right. I emailed Mahoney and this was his reply.

Composed by Johannes Bjerregaard in 1987, it's a Commodore 64 tune. It


featured in a Commodore 64 demo, and this tune is rated as one of the


"emotional" SID tunes ever made. This tune is found in the HVSC SID

collection, that can be downloaded at http://www.hvsc.c64.org/

The music can be played with "SidPlay2w", DeliPlayer or WinAmp (with


Anyway, the lyrics are about computer games and sweet dreams.

Have a great day, and a noise night!

/ Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson

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After some thought, I'm not entirely sure that determining a mix's eligibility is my concern. If a mix exceeds the 6mb limit, includes material from a pop song, or does any number of things which are presumably at odds with the site's guidelines- is it my job to call foul and immediately dismiss the mix?

It seems to me that my main purpose is to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak- to give my opinion on a mix's overall worth. With that in mind, I will maintain my "yes." As far as whether or not the mix is eligible to be posted- I will leave that decision to the one who penned the guidelines.

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This is a fantastic mix, but unfortunately it does violate several OCR guidelines since it's not a direct arrangement of a game, and secondly it uses too much of the Eurythmics piece. We have a policy to try to avoid these, as people could use too much material from tv, film, soundtrack music in their arrangements.

On a personal level I would like to congratulate the mixers involved in this. The orchestration, composition, production are all great and demonstrate a level of professionalism that I can only admire. The voice overs and angelic vocals add an emotional texture to the piece. As a piece of music, perfect work. Love it.


After much personal consideration, I'm changing my vote. I'm a strong believer in sticking to the guidelines, but if ever there were a mix where I could see the rules being bent for, it would be this. A magical mix that I will be listening to for a long time to come.


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