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OCR02203 - *YES* Pokémon Red Version 'Rain Prayer (あまごい)'


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ReMixer name: ProtoDome

Real name: Blake Troise

Userid: 25246

Name of game arranged: Pokémon Red

Name of song arranged: Route 1, Guidepost

Original Composer: Junichi Masuda

Original Sound Track:

Route 1




Okay, yet again another Pokémon track (I‘m not gunna make this habit or anything)! This time I thought I’d go for the whole ‘new age’ jazz scene, however I guess I just can’t escape merging it with a little chiptune/electronica. I’ll put a source breakdown, just so you know where the bits are.

:22-:36 Modified Route 1, A Section

:36-:48 Route 1, B Section

:50-:53 Guidepost A Section

:56-1:10 Modified Route 1, A Section

1:10-1:22 Guidepost B Section

1:58-2:03 Route 10 B Section

2:05-2:39 Guidepost A Section

That makes about 1:38 seconds of source material in total, I hope that’s enough (it‘s over 50% anyway)! The source is a lil’ limited so I’ve been battling to keep this within OCR standards, yet liberal enough to make it fresh and original. Urm, what else do I need to point out? Oh yeah, the distortion and ‘clipping’ sound at 1:17-1:24 is intentional. I also need to say that I do include more than the first three notes in the Route 1 modification only there’s an extra note run before the chord change. Most people didn’t seem to get that, that’s all.

I think that’s probably enough, I tried to keep that ‘fun’ feel the Pokémon games have but lose the immaturity of the source. Oh and the title is the Japanese equivalent of the Pokémon move “Rain Dance”. あまごい (or amagoi) means “Rain Prayer”, which just seemed a fitting title really with all the rain sounding analogue noise. (If the Japanese characters aren't allowed, this is just called 'Rain Prayer'.)

No fade out this time, a piano solo as previously suggested ;D


Route 1, Guidepost

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Man, I gotta say, Blake knows how to butter me up. Providing the source breakdown and everything.

Pretty short track, my vote will be the same. Breakdown definitely seems to check out. Really nice catchy little piece! I feel like it might have been able to use just a bit more punch in the mastering, but what's in here otherwise is really interpretive, fun, with a really fantastic flow. Lots of smooth chords and textures, and some fun, improv-sounding expansions of the respective source melodies.

I feel like this track would be right at home in a Mario Kart game.

Pretty easy call here, folks.


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Easy call indeed, thanks for the breakdown, very helpful. :-)

Nice arrangement, a great and cheerful collection of sources, and the ending is good too! ;-)

Production I'm fine with- it could push a bit harder, but for a light and breezy track, that's not as crucial as it would be for a punishing rokk track.

Nice work, Blake, I dig. :-)


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Swooping in way after the fact, but just happened to be listening and loving the crazy Katamari Damacy-style composition here. Would love to roll up some Katamaris to this awesome piece of work. Great arrangement, instrumentation, dynamics and tradeoff between the two sources, Blake, this is a huge favorite of mine. Short, sweet and awesome.


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