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Original tune that needs feedback


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Great stuff. =) Love the song. Very much cold blooded.

Is there, perhaps, an mp3 or higher quality version that we could view?

About the sonic properties of the sample...

I really can't give much critique. As it is, it's perfect. The thing is, maybe you could raise this or that, but that would alter the style of it, and I don't think it would improve anything sonically, it would just make it sound a tad bit different from the original (but of course it would be the same song no matter what you do to it).

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I like this. It has a great vibe.

I have one major beef with it. The 8 note repeated phrase (Square wavish sound) goes nowhere. It just keeps repeating. It's really monotonous. I personally think it would sound

great without it. You have so much other interesting stuff going on.

If you are keen to keeping that sound in there, perhaps you could change the melodic phrase or make it into a sixteen note phrase (vary the 8 note phrase and and use different notes from the musical scale).

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Agreed. The synth is quite repetitive. But it does work in terms of keeping things flowing. My real concern is the stab that's used. It sounds like the pitch has been lowered to make it grimey, but in doing so, lost it's "umph." Maybe try throwing on some EQ to enhance the hit or try another stab.

EDIT: BTW, caught the one you uploaded on

Absolutely, love it!
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