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Original Zelda-Inspired Composition WIP: "Zelda'esque"


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Just so you know, Peach, I wasn't hammering you for sound quality.

I was hammering James for saying you should rely only on your keyboard. So I went into detail about why you shouldn't.

Because, James, that is the worst sound production advice I have ever heard next to putting a multiband compressor on a master track.

If you want to make good sound, never and I mean NEVER rely on just samples from a keyboard playing a MIDI.

If you're intentionally going for an older sound, it's perfectly fine to avoid humanizing.

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I don't think this was written with OCR in mind, Rozo - it IS in the 'originals/other' section :)

Hence the word 'if'. :P If it was written for ocr, it'd need to use the source more dominantly, now it's more in the general vibe of a zelda overworld track (well done recreating that, btw) with a later section directly using source. I could be wrong, could be more source in there, but that's the impression I got when I listened before.

If you did play this, you're probably good enough, you just gotta learn to play more dynamically (or set the instruments to be more velocity-sensitive) (and if you've quantized everything to 16th notes and the same velocity - stop it :P) and possibly record/edit expression and modulation channel stuff after the initial recording.

Would be interesting to see what you'd write based on a Seiken Densetsu 3 track, actually. Dunno if you can get production up to the level I want for the project (yes, I'm recruiting in your thread :P), but I'd enjoy hearing the composition (and if it suits the project you can give the midi to someone with the production skills to get it to where we want it). Actually, same goes for everybody else reading this thread, including you James. Considering the drama your last thread had concerning sample quality, I don't remember what level of composer you are.

(click my sig pics for the project thread and available tracks)

/shameless recruiting :D

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Wow. I am honoured that this song is generating so much buzz here. I need to establish (or re-establish) some facts, though.

  • This piece is completely originaly except for the classic Zelda eight-note jingle played twice. The rest uses no source material other than the style and instrument selection, based on Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. One of the last parts that coincidentally sounds like Spirit Tracks will be changed.
  • The work is incomplete in multiple ways. It's a rough draft, played by hand (with too much force from the fingers, at that). There is no refinement done at all; this includes instrument dynamics. I'm just now getting to the refinement stages.
  • While this song is inappropriate for OCR, some tracks on the upcoming album for Zelda SL may be. So, yes; I plan to eventually submit remixes, and I know they must sound better than this currently does.

Anyway, I am really new to non-rushed music composition from a keyboard. Almost everything on my web sites is the result of haste, because many songs were made for school projects and I had little time. With everyone's advice, I'm sure that I will reach the next level of music production. Thanks!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I present you the official release of Zelda'esque! The song is also called "Genesis of Zarkaine Kingdom," based on the fictitious Zelda: Oracle of Secrets Poster project I developed years ago for school.

You can listen to the refined composition below.



Many thanks go to those from this thread and beyond for helping improve the sound quality of this piece.

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