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Sonic and Knuckles - Eurobeat Boss Party


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EDIT: Don't let the URL name fool you, this is from Sonic and Knuckles.

Was playing around with some Sonic music and I got this very short little remix going on... I think I've been listening to too much Eurobeat.

What do you think? Certainly is a work in progress... more of a framework than anything else, but I'm kind of digging the groove.

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Dude, that's awesome!! I love the dreamy synths you've got there, and everything fits so well. Makes me travel through a fun kaleidoscopic tunnel mentally *_*

The electric guitar's my only beef, as it sounds a bit too low on the volume. Maybe you should turn it up a bit?

Oh, and I too, hope you can finish this! Croakie =D

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I liked it okay but I'm worried for it. Obviously you'll have to lengthen the thing, and I'm worried you won't be able to do much of anything with such a short loop for source material and such a clear, all-covering, basis to start with. No matter how many ways you could mix it within the same style it'd be hard to not make it sound monotonous, I'd think.

Sounds like the middle of a bigger whole, especially given the intro and outtro being so identical. Like it's bookended by acts 1 and 2 of Flying Battery.

Or the James Bond theme.

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