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Super Metroid - Samus Delirium


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Are you sure you are remixing the right song?

I did not recognize the title theme (which is kinda simplistic in its original form) until way late into the song.

I like the instrumentation; kudos on using Metroid sounds.

Also, once we DO start to hear the theme, the mix gets a whole lot better.

It's just that flute motif drags on a bit too long before the actual main theme comes in.

I like this. Aside from my qualms, I say it's pretty novel and enjoyable.

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I'm terribly sorry to triple post, but I've made a major update. I changed the lead sound to make it more prominent (although its entrance may be too sudden sort of?), and I also shortened the mix down significantly to make it more structured. Although half of the point is to have it unstructured as it should symbolize "Delirium", I thought it may have been too much. Take a listen:


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Careful with the bass, there's some low lows here that don't need to be ARGHLOUD. Otherwise it's quite well mixed, but the sound design is plain and kind'a weak. See what you can do to make the sounds thicker. Add stuff, it needs more harmonic content, I would recommend a thick pad with some interesting filter motion. Doesn't even have to be very loud, it just has to be there and fill out the frequency range a bit.

Are you remixing this for ocr or otherwise? Cuz ocr wants more source than this. The intro first seems to reference the bassline part of Theme of Samus Aran, same with the piano (tho just barely), but even counting that as source the judges would hardly find the source overall dominant here. I guess they'd rule it as an original track with part of the Intro overlaid.

You've got a cool idea here, a good start, but you should develop it more, both sonically and compositionally. By develop I don't mean to just add length, the parts you have need more depth. If you're planning to sub it to ocr, you'll also need more source. If I can hear the aforementioned intro parts as referencing a source (despite that it's a bit of a stretch atm), you know there's a source you can tweak them into using.

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