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Lovely Peach

Fire Emblem series please?

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I noticed there's only one Fire Emblem remix on the whole site. I've only recently gotten into these games, and there are quite a few in the series. I think there is potential for big epic orchestral remixes from some of the main themes. Or other genres altogether. ^^

There's some music from the series in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but overall the music seems kind of underappreciated, considering the source material has some solid tunes.

What can I say, I played Shadow Dragon (the remake of the Famicom original that's on DS) and I fell in love with it. Would love to hear some creative mixes.

Just a suggestion, thanks! ^^

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I remember playing Fire Emblem for the very first time via Path of Radiance. From there, I couldn't stop listening to any of the music. The music weaves so well into the game that it and the story are one and the same.

To keep on-topic, and I know I'm still new here, but I'd like to humbly make some specific Fire Emblem series music requests... ranked by the number of e-chocolate chip cookies I shall e-bake for the remixer.

The requests:

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Where Stories Begin (500 cookies):

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Footsteps of Fate (1,000 cookies):

^ The very first battle map theme in the game (in the Prelude).

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Eternal Bond (Over 9,000 cookies + marshmallows!!!):

^ Ike's Theme. My most favorite character and theme in all the Fire Emblem series. I would _humbly request_ to hear this one epically remixed into an epic orchestral remix that defines epicness until the original song screams all it's base are belong to the remix.

Thank you for creating the thread, and I wish to thank, in advance, any remixers considering these requests. :-D Remember, free e-chocolate chip cookies!

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Series is INCREDIBLY underrepresented.

Especially when Fire Emblem for the GBA has a shitload of great tunes, as does the Gamecube/Wii iterations.

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