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  1. It's nice to see this piece of music get some love. I love Chrono Trigger remixes but there are only so many times you can hear remixes of "Schala" before you want something different. This is a great piece of music. I like the juxtapositioning of the violin with the synth-y background. The whole thing has a very spacey, sweeping sound to it that I like a lot.
  2. Lunar: Silver Star Story is one of my favorite games EVER. I've been disappointed to never see anything from it on OCR and was delighted to see this track posted in my FB feed this morning. I'm a big fan of the original song, and I really love the arrangement you did here (haha, any chance of releasing a "karaoke" version?) If Lunar were an animated Disney movie, this song would be playing over the ending credits. It's not the "in movie" version with the character actors, but the version released by the latest pop sensation. You've got a great voice and I like that you changed the song's key to suit your range. PLEASE remix more wonderful Lunar music! <3
  3. I've been listening to the tracks on my iPod all day at work. There is some really great stuff on here, it's a shame the project was cancelled before it was "really" completed. I'm glad that the existing tracks were made available for download, though. It would have been a shame to not have these in any form. I do love some of the WIPs. A few aren't to my tastes, but there are some gems in here.
  4. I am so excited that this is finally out. I have been listening to a bunch of the original chiptunes for Pokemon lately and have been really wishing for some decent remixes (there were a few out there before this album, but far too few). I've been getting back into Pokemon in a big way, and the timing of this release is perfect for me. Downloading them now to listen to at work today. And kudos on the name of the album. I've been a MissingNo. fan for years. ^^
  5. Wow, this is a gorgeous remix of one of my favorite video game themes ever. The moment I heard Gusty Garden in the game, I was in love with it. Your rendition absolutely does it justice. The chords are delicious, I love the big jazz 9ths and the piano playing is superb. I'm definitely adding this one to my relaxing/peaceful music playlist, not something I can do with most music from OCR. Please continue to remix! You have a real talent for making a style of music not often found with Mario tunes.
  6. I actually came to the site just now looking for a remix of Lavender Town. Definitely one of the most unnerving areas of the game, including the soundtrack. I really like this mix, good and mysterious. It sounds like it could be the ending/credits music to a horror film...
  7. I've always been partial to the Crystal Palace song, very eerie and echoey, even with the less-than-awesome N64 sounds. Would love to hear someone do justice to this.
  8. I noticed there's only one Fire Emblem remix on the whole site. I've only recently gotten into these games, and there are quite a few in the series. I think there is potential for big epic orchestral remixes from some of the main themes. Or other genres altogether. ^^ There's some music from the series in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but overall the music seems kind of underappreciated, considering the source material has some solid tunes. What can I say, I played Shadow Dragon (the remake of the Famicom original that's on DS) and I fell in love with it. Would love to hear some creative mixes. Just a suggestion, thanks! ^^
  9. This is a fantastic remix of some of my favorite game music. I'm a huge fan of the Phoenix Wright series and this remix blends a wide variety of songs together into a good, coherent whole. This one is definitely going into my workout playlist! ^^
  10. Thanks for posting these! I downloaded Very 8-bit Christmas (1) years ago and couldn't find links to any of the newer ones when I searched recently (except 8-Bit Jesus which is fantastic btw). I'm definitely sharing these links with my other game nerd friends. ^^
  11. Congratulations and happy anniversary, OCR! I don't post terribly often, but I listen to OC Remixes just about every day at work. Thanks for the amazing contributions to game music. ^^
  12. Last night we had our final music meeting and got the whole list of songs on the playlist worked out. We've got a solid 2 hours of music for our dance, and I want to sincerely thank everyone for suggesting songs.
  13. I am somewhat interested in the remakes - Crystal was my first Pokemon game and definitely my favorite and I wonder if these would get me back into the Pokemon craze again (the horrors!) Part of me is afraid to go back to the addiction tho. I would love to raise another Eeveelutions team. I so loved my little Espeon and Umbreon. So many hours cycling along Goldenrod City to hatch Eevee eggs and train those little suckers.
  14. I second the request for Crystal Palace remix. I always loved that track best out of the whole soundtrack.
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