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OCR01210 - *YES* Dragon View 'Apocryphal'


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Again, was gonna direct post this. Let's see if I would have been wrong... - djp

Hi again djp/judges. this remix is my take on the "Dragon Lords" theme from the relatively obscure SNES RPG "Dragon View." Well, I'm not sure how obscure it really is, but I had certainly never heard of it until I received a request to mix this song. The style I went for was kind of a cross between Enigma and Vangelis... I think I came reasonably close. The original is a rather short, looping chord progression (again), so I had to expand on it a bit. Here's the relevant info:

Original track..: "Dragon Lords," from Dragon View Remix title.....: Apocryphal

Remixer.........: aluminum

File............: MP3 192kbps CBR, 5.49MB, 4m00s


The original is available in the SPC archive at Zophar's Domain, but to make everyone's lives easier I also put it up here:


One more thing--I don't think there are any remixes from this game already, so this title screen image I grabbed might be useful:





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Hm. Aluminum. There's a name I haven't seen in a while.

Thanks for providing the source tune for us.

Very nice groove. I'm enjoying the chill atmosphere. Great sounds all around, save the rather synthy flute. I could have done with something more natural, but that's a minor, personal gripe.

Arrangement is varied and doesn't get boring.

I agree with the direct post sentiment by DJP.


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I like the song. Very environmental.

BUT WTF happens at 3:45???

is it just my file? seems to totally cut out. If thats intentional, I dont know what to say. Almost sounds that way.

Checked it out - it doesn't *totally* cut out, but it seems to drop away to some 'artistic' ambient fx, sort of a distorted wind of sorts, which is still audible until the very last second at 4'00". You'll need to listen on headphones or with the volume louder to hear it. I don't know, kind of different. I didn't find it prohibitive, but if people listen at lower volumes they'll just think it has 15 seconds of padding...

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I noticed that the first time, but I can't even concieve why the artist would choose to do that. It ruins the feel for me completely. It feels like a deliberate flaw to ruin someone's fun. Its the kinda thing that surely will have people slapping their mp3 player against the wall again and again.

Just can't accept something like that. This is on ocr for good, you know.


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I agree with the majority on this one, this should be direct post.

The influences of enigma and vangelis are very strong.

I actually like the flute as is, I could not imagine a realistic flute in this mix. I also like what sounds like a pan flute early on. Great work in all aspects. The ending though leaves much to be desired. Deserves an easy Yes.

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