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Cutman Orchestral Remix


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Sounds interesting. Definitely some Uematsu references in here.

The song is slow paced and the approach fitting. While some instruments may not be top notch, the general direction sounds promising.

This is still rough and soundscape is pretty empty atm. You definitely need to experiment with the melodic material and add some harmonies here and there too.

You have a mean dissonance at 1:19 with the brass. Also, try adding some dry percussions and cymbals to add fullness to the sound.

In the last part from 1:46, where the melody played by the brass is reminiscent of FF7 bombing mission, your militaristic percussions are too exposed.

Seems like you're hesitating between an eloquent, slow paced composition, and a more dramatic, tense one.

Try to find the right balance between both as you proceed further.

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