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OCR02051 - *YES* One Man and His Droid 'Do Droids Dream of Ramboids?'

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Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: Dummy

Your real name: Blake Robinson

Your email address: zectelblows@hotmail.com

Your website: http://dummyworld.net

Your userid: 31239

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged: One man and his droid

Name of individual song(s) arranged: One man and his droid theme

Additional information about game including composer, system, etc.

C64 version composed by Rob Hubbard

Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 16, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

A few friends and I had started a compose-off challenge of creating a C64 game theme remix. I ended up creating small pieces from a few games but this was my favourite and the one I ended up finishing. Rob Hubbard's piece seems to fit an orchestra pretty well (the C64 orchestra do a rendition).

It's was about 6 hours work from start to finish. FL Studio 9 was used as the sequencer with Kontakt 4 hosting various sample libraries alongside WIVI 2 Brass/Woodwinds 1. LA Scoring Strings was used for the strings, Project SAM Symphobia & True Strike for mocking up phrases and for the percussion and WIVI was used for brass & woodwinds. My normal production method is to rough out the main motifs with Symphobia and then trace over the top with LASS/WIVI.

I always like to keep the main motifs as close to the source material as I can. Most of my creative freedom comes from the harmonies, backing and side melodies that come with turning the piece from something that simply has drums/bass/lead into a score played by a 60 piece orchestra. I think I'm getting close to being happy with how my setup sounds and works together. I'm a bit OCD and there's still things I'm not happy with, but I don't think I can really fix them short of hiring my own orchestra. Hopefully no one hears the things that annoy me and everyone enjoys this remix.




Seems like some fancy schmance samples, which were a bit exposed and lacked some power, but the overall execution was more than solid. The arrangement was relatively straightforward melodically, but employed a lot of new supporting writing in the adaptation to orchestration, which was a plus.

2:34 went back to the well while retreading some writing, but did instrument some things differently, while copy-pasta'ing others. The 2nd half having more overt changes to the tone and structure would have improved this; as is, it felt cruise control-ish. Would have loved to have heard a dropoff like the one at 4:20, leading to a rebuild, but oh well. That said, this was interpretive enough of a genre adaptation to squeak by. I'll give it my nod, but if anyone has bigger qualms, I'll hear them out.

YES (borderline)

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Yeha, nice samples, and solid use of them. There was a decent dynamic curve, but still a ton of headroom- more than it really needed i'd say. Nice adaption, and some cool textures added, but it does get a bit static near the end. I'd like to hear some further expansion as it progresses throughout. I think Larry covered it pretty well.

Also, nice source choice, I really like it, and it's completely new to me.


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Definitely great to see more C64 representation; arrangement does a great job of transplanting the genre. Brass gets a little blatty (inevitable) but I love that the brass parts crescendo - that more than makes up for it! Also nice panning/separation & surprise clarinet solo ending. Definitely digging it, easy


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Dave voting on a mix? THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD!

So yeah, I can only re-hash what has been said. Great samples and, the important part, good use of them. Arrangement could've taken a few more liberties but was solid as is. Overall a great rendition of the source, well done good sir!


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