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Recommendations for Kontakt Third-Party Stuff?

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My financial situation changed today, probably for the better (for a change), so I'm considering putting some money towards investments in Kontakt.

I thought there was a list somewhere of a whole bunch of company websites for people like Impact Soundworks who deal in Kontakt libraries. Mostly, I'm looking for libraries to help me work on more general stuff for instead of wild, experimental ambience and soundscapes and stuff. So more generically applicable electronica or remixing/scoring work.

Yeah, I'm having a hard time specifying better than that. I've been looking at the EVOLVE MUTATIONS stuff from NI and the first sound set sounds close to some of the stuff I'm looking to do. I don't need any piano or orchestral stuff since I have the Composers bundle from EW, but I could always use more VOX/CHOIR, ETHNIC, ELECTRONICA kind of stuff.

I'm not even sure of a direction I want to take just yet, I just wondered, besides Sound Impacts kinda stuff, what were some other sure-fire stuff to get with my KOMPLETE setup here.

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Tonehammer has Ethnic Vox: http://www.tonehammer.com/?page_id=1663

Samplemodeling has Trumpet and Sax (and soon Tbone): http://www.samplemodeling.com/en/products.php

Precisionsound has a ton of small varied libraries (not great libraries, but they all serve their purposes): http://www.store.precisionsound.net/

Lyricaldistortion has a ton of tiny but useful guitar libraries (if you use them right): http://www.lyricaldistortion.com/store/

Orangetree Samples has GREAT guitar and bass samples: http://www.orangetreesamples.com/

Finally, there are several STORES where you can browse 3rd party Kontakt instruments to find your flavor:

Big Fish Audio

Best Service

etc, etc, etc, etc

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